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What is the purpose of discipline?
In the wokplace is to correct, mold, or improve job related performance or behavior
What happens when discipline is recinded or reversed?
Negative affect of discrediting the rules, regulations, policies, procedures, and/or supervisors
What does progresive discipline do for employees?
sets clear standards and warns of consequence for non compliance
How is the problem first brought to the attention of the employee?
Coaching / counseling session
Is the coaching counceling session part of the formal discipline process?
How is the degree of discipline correlated to the offense? other factors?
The seriousness of the offense and the employees record. Other factors include employees position and type of position.
Are managers/supervisors held to a higher standard?
2 steps for coaching counceling?
Letter of instruction
Letter of cautionary advisement
What should work rules be?
Clear reasonable and understandable
What must be done before a dormant work rule is enforced?
the rule and consequence of any infraction must be communictated to employees again
Who is the probationary firefighter's supervisors?
Division Commander of training and the field supervisor
Who must the supervisor contact to extend, suspend or terminate employee?
What follows the coaching / counceling session?
Verbal reprimand
What follows verbal reprimand?
Written reprimand
Can the employee acrue leave during a suspension?
Typical length of a suspension
usually 1-5 days with 3 being the norm. Can be longer then 5 in some cases
whats the last corrective step in the disciplinary process
when an employee is demoted does their pay go down as well?
Examples of infractions serious enough to warrant suspension immediately pending investigation
Sabotage, violence, suspected theft, disorderly conduct
7 components of just cause
adequate warning
reasonable rules
violation of the rule
fair investigation
substantial proof
equitable treatment
appropriate discipline
will a third party rely on past practice?
No They will rely on the collective bargaining agreement or employee handbook
Time frame for discipline
no hard rule. rule of thumb is no more then 10 days
How is progressive discipline considered successful?
if no repeat occurances in 4 years
the disciplinary record includes what 3 things?
the past, present and the future
Who has the burden of proof?
4 criteria the quality of evidence is judged by
best evidence
Define double jeopardy
a second usually more severe punishment for the same offense which a sentence has been imposed
Why would discipline occur for misconduct away from the job?
harms the depts reputation
it renders employee unable to come to perform work
the behavior leads to refusal of other employee to work with offender
Can an employee be terminated for excessive absences due to an illness?
yes. but there is no clear standard to what constitutes excessive
first step for harrasment?