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actor is to become the character, director orchestrates psychological complexity
what are the 3 things the actor should ask him/herself
where am i
who am i
what do i want
components of what do i want?
motivations, obstacle, action to get there)
what are the crowbars of directing? what do they help you in?
what are you trying to get your actor to do?; getting your actor to know what he/she wants
what are 3 important parts of working with actors?
1. personalization 2. listening 3. directing moment-to-moment
what is proprogation
how sound waves move through a medium
how are density and transmission of sound related?
denser --> faster transmission
how fast is the speed of sound
1130 ft /s
other name for amplitude
sound pressure level
how much db has to increase to double the loudness
how loud is a whisper
20 db
how loud is a conversation
how loud is a rock concert
100 db
how loud is a gunshot
140 db
where does the sound threshold of pain start
120 db
what is the prob with the inverse square law
only works with direct sound, environ surfaces keep sound from falling off
what is freq
what affects pitch?
the frequency of the sound wave
what are low freq in film?
what are high freq in film?
waht is ultrasonic? infrasonic?
ultra: above 20,000hz
infra: below 20 hz
how do you make action seem closer?
high freq sounds
why can sound be heard from all around?
diffraction: sound flows around corners
what affect sound proprogation?
sound radiation pattern, absorption, reflection, diffraction
what are 3 room acoustic things?
1. direct sound, 2. discrete relfections, 3. reverberant field