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Continental Movement
COntrols Ocean Circulation
Crustal Collisions
Create mountain ranges that affect wind patterns which changes climates.
Sea Level high
Greater warmth and humidity, bc ocean water stores heat from sun. GREEN HOUSE CLIMATE RESULTS
Lower Sea Level
COntinents lesser warmth & humidity
Drier and more temporate
Each Interval of Earths History (Climate)
SPecific plate configuration, OWN SPECIFIC CLIMATE
Triassic (climate)
Relatively dry and strongly seasonable
Cretaceaous climate
Global greenhouse climate
all present continents b4 breakup
Jurassic (climate)
Wetter and more equable
Late Triassic charactoristics
Few mts., no glaciers or cold, snowy winters, computer monsoonal, large land masses
2 seasons (1 wet, 1 dry)
1. Northern Hemi
2. Southern Hemi
1. hot
2. cold
1. gymnosperms
2. angiosperms
1. exposed seeds
2. flowering plants
Early to Middle Jurassic charactoristics
vast deserts, dominated by footprints, fossil record imcomplete, MOST SUCCESSFUL GROUP, monsoonal still present, smaller animals
Late Jurassic Charactoristics
Extensive fossil record, LARGEST DINOS EVER LIVED, abundance, variety, warmer and wetter
Late Jurassic dinos
huge sauropods, stegosaurides, ornithopods, allosaurids, everything else very small
Early Cretaceouis Charactoristics
warmer and wetter, greenhouse climate, ice free
MIddle to late Cretaceous
WOrldwide sea level, Spearated into continents, Greenhouse climate