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The world was very warm and wet.
One of the first dinosaurs to live on the earth was named Saltopus. Sawl-tuh-puss.
Saltopus lived near a river.
The river was full of giant crocodiles.
When these giants got hungry, they came after Saltopus.
Snap! Went the giants' jaws. Snap! Snap!
Then Saltopus stood up on its hind legs and ran away as fats as it could.
Saltopus was fast.
It could run and leap.
That is how it got its name.
Saltopus means "leaping foot."
Saltopus was a small dinosaur.
Sometimes people find dinosaur bones.
The bones are like parts of a puzzle.
When they are put together you can see what a dinosaur looked like.
The word dinosaur looks hard.
But it is really easy to say.
Dinosaur means "terrible lizard."
Millions of years ago the world belonged to the dinosaurs.
In the days of the dinosaurs there were no people.
There were no dogs or cats.
There were no horses or cows.
What animals were there?
There were turtles, crocodiles, fish, and dragonflies.