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Steamed 1 1/2 lb live Maine lobster steamed to perfection. Served with new potatoes, corn & drawn butter. Garnished with a cracker & lemon wedge.
3 (7-9 oz) deep fried whole catfish breaded in cornmeal & pepper. Served with 2 hushpuppies, co'slaw, homemade tartar sauce, a choice of 1 side item & a lemon wedge.
Southern Broil
6 oz. flank steak marinated overnight in a mixture of soy sauce, garlic, pineapple juice & ginger. Steak is sliced & served on corn cakes with a steak knife, co'slaw & 1 side item.
Seasoned with our secret dry rub, then slow cooked for 2 1/2 hours n our smoker. Served with cornbread, tomato slice & a green onion sprig. Served with a steak knife. Dinner slab- 9-10 ribs a full slab is approx. 14 ribs.
Steamed Crab
A whole Dungeness crab served with 2 corn cobbetts, new potatoes, drawn butter, cocktail fork & lemon wedge.
Pulled Pork
8 oz. of smoked shoulder pork for 12 hours then hand picked. Served atop corncakes with co'slaw & 1 side item.
Steak & Biscuits
4 homemade biscuits with trimmed tenderloin and chargrilled to preferred temperature & dipped in wham butter & served with a side of great white sauce.
Pumped Chicken
1/2 of a chicken injected with our homemade seasoning consisting of "pump" red wine vinegar, garlic & smoked in our smoker. Served with co'slaw, corn bread, a souffle of great white sauce, sliced tomato, a green onion sprig, co'slaw & a choice of 1 side item.
1/2 lb Dungeness, 1/2 lb King crab, 1 lb Snow crab. Served with 2 corn cobbett, 4 new potatoes, drawn butter, cocktail fork, crackers, and a lemon wedge. A lined bucket should already be at table.
Jack Daniels Strip
16 oz New York strip marinated in a Jack Daniels secret sauce & chargrilled to a preferred temperature. Served with choice of 1 side item & a steak knife
Stuffed Filet
8 oz. seasoned tenderloin stuffed with bleu cheese and spices. Chargrilled to a preferred temperature. Served with choice of 1 side item & a steak knife.
Crabcake Platter
Same recipe as appetizer although made with 1/2 lb whole blue crabmeat & served with hushpuppies, choice of 1 side. remoulade & a lemon wedge.