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What are the three common main viewing modes on a digital camera?
Picture Taking Mode / Video Mode / Playback (Viewing) Mode
Sketch and annotate a diagram showing the three pieces of hardware required to transfer images from a digital camera to a computer
Computer-USB cable-Digital Camera
Name 2 commonly used pieces of hardware for backing up image files.
Hard Drive/ Usb Stick/Memory Card or any appropriate answer
In an operating system which viewing mode is used to display small versions of image files?
Thumbnail View
What does infrared scanning do on a modern scanner?
Removes dust and scratches
In reality, what does the red eye removal feature in software actually do?
Changes the colour of the red area
Why are JPEG images suitable for Web Pages?
They can be compressed but still retain a high quality
Why are TIFF images suitable for printing?
They are uncompressed so retain a high quality
Why are RAW files the most versatile format for editing in a graphics editor?
They have not been processed before being saved
How can zip files be useful when transferrring many image files?
Many images can be compressed into one file
Briefly state why it is desirable to use a compressed image format
To reduce the file size
What is a “hot spot” when using flash photography?
When the flash is seen reflected against the background