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where is the frenulum?
attaches lips to gums and tongue to bottom of mouth
where are the vestibules?
spaces between lips and gums
what are the tonsils on the sides of the mouth called?
palatine tonsils
what are the tonsils under the tongue called?
lingual tonsils
what is the front arch of the mouth called?
palatoglossal arch
what's the arch at the back of the mouth called?
palatopharyngeal arch?
what's the mesentery?
holds small intestine together
where's the jejunum?
middle of the small intestine
where's the ileum?
end of the small intestine
where's the ileocecal valve?
valve between small and large intestine
how does the pancreatic duct connect to other ducts?
attached to common bile duct and empties into ampulla of vater
where's the common bile duct?
consists of cystic and hepatic ducts and connects with pancreatic duct to dump into duodenum
where's the ampulla of vater and what is it?
place where pancreatic duct and common bile duct join

after sphincter of oddi
where is the sphincter of oddi?
at base of where common bile duct and pancreatic duct connect
where is the cecum?
pouch at beginning of large intestine
where's the appendix?
around where the cecum is, beginning of large intestine
what are the different parts of the colon?
ascending, descending, transverse, sigmoid
where is the rectum?
top of anal canal
where's the anal canal?
before rectum, on side of anus
what's the anus?
what are the teniae coli?
longitudinal muscles on large intestine
what are haustra?
pockets of large intestine
where's nasopharynx?
cavity behind nose
where's the laryngopharynx?
cavity behind voicebox
where's the cardiac sphincter and region
entrance of stomach, top of stomach
where's the fundus?
top bump of stomach
what's the pylorus?
is space just after pyloric sphincter/valve
what's the lesser omentum?
it's the connective tissue connecting the stomach to the liverm in the lesser curvature
what's the greater omentum?
connective tissue on greater curvature of stomach
what's the duct leaving the gallbladder called?
cystic duct
where's the common bile duct?
the duct where the cystic and hepatic ducts combine
where's the parotid salivary gland?
just under the ear
where's the submaxillary salivary gland?
just under the parotid
where's the sublingual salivary gland?
under tongue
what are deciduous teeth?
baby teeth
which are the incisors?
flat, front ones
premolars - where are they and who has them
before molars, only adults
molars - where are they
what's the crown of the tooth?
everything above the gum
what's the gingiva?
what's enamel?
white stuff of teeth
where's the gingival sulcus?
groove between teeth where plaque usually forms
where's the cementum?
outside of tooth under gums
what's the periodontal membrane/ligament?
connects tooth in bone to gums, is on outside of cementum
where's the dentin?
under enamel, inside of tooth
where's the pulp cavity?
top of root
root and root canal
root = very bottom of tooth
root canal = center of tooth below pulp cavity
where is the apical foramen?
where vessels enter tooth at very bottom
what are the layers of the GI tract?
where are goblet cells?
in mucosa, near surface

release GI mucous
where are the microvilli?
top of everything