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Digestive Tract
It passes through the body from mouth to anus
What are the organs that help with the digestion?
Small Intestine
large intestine
What are some functions of the Stomach?
-It serves as a temporary site for food.
-It turns the food into chyme
-It produces hydroclhloric acid and pepsin, which also helps out with the digestion.
-Hydrochloric acid kills bacteria and breaks down food
Some functions of the Small intestine?
-80% of our nutrients are out of the digestive system along the lenght of the small intestine
-It is made up of 3 regions
1)Duodenum= rec's chyme from stomach and secretions of pancreas & liver.
2)Jejunum= Region of most digestion & nutrient absorbtion
3)Ileum= Absorption continues
Functions of the Pancreas?
-It produces insulin(Hormone)
- secretes enzymes
1)Lipases breaks down lipids
2)Proteases breaks down proteins
3)Carbs digest sugars & starches (Amylase)
Gall bladder
-Organ that stores and concentrates a digestive material called BILE
(Bile is produced by the liver)
(Bile facilitates the digestion of fat)
-2nd largest organ in the body
-Nutrients make their 1st stop at the liver, also 1st stop for toxins ex: Alcohol.
-It stores and transfer nutrients
Large Intestine
-all the material that is holding is turned into solid waste known as FECES.
-It begins at the small intestine and ends in the anus
Divided into 3 major regions
a) cecum--- rec’s material from small intestine
b) colon--- reabsorbs water and vitamins
c) Rectum---end of the digestive tract