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functions of the digestive system include____,____,and______.
Layers of GI tract are the _____,_____,_____and___________
mucosa,submucosa,muscularis,and serosa
the mucosa is made of _____that secretes mucous,___________that protects
stratified squamous epithelium,simple columar epith.
the submucosa is made up of _____and _____.
blood vessels,glands
the muscularis layer is made up of ________,__________,and in the stomach__________
the serosa is _____ made of ______ and_________.
visceral peritoneum,areolar connective tissue,epithelium
The _______ is areolar connective tissue containing many blood and lymphatic vessels
lamina propria
________________cells secrete hormones into the blood stream
small intestine uses both ________and ___________for_________
the large intestine willabsorb______and ____
water,vitamens b+K
______cells secrete mucuos onto cell surface
goblet cells
_______is a thin layer of smooth muscle

causes folds to form in mucosal layer
Muscularis mucosae---
Loose connective tissue,containing BV, glands and lymphatic tissue
and Meissner’s plexus--- parasympathetic innervation.this layer of GI tract called?????
Muscularis -Skeletal muscle = voluntary control in ____,___,___,and
mouth pharynx,upper esophagus,anus
Muscularis--Smooth muscle = involuntary control , inner circular fibers & outer longitudinal fibers

mixes, crushes & propels food along by ____________
Auerbach’s plexus (myenteric)both parasympathetic & sympathetic innervation of circular and longitudinal _______ muscle layers
Covers all organs and walls of cavities not open to the outside of the body

Secretes slippery fluid

Consists of connective tissue covered with simple squamous epithelium
the serosa
the peritoneum contains large______ that ________between viscera and bind organs ,also contain blood vessels, lymphatic vessels and ______ that suppy abdom organs
the greater omentum contains a lot of ___tissue ,it also has many _____
adipose,lymph nodes
the falciform ligament attaches the liver to the ____wall
anterior abdominal
the ______ omentum suspends the stomach and the duodenum from the liver.
the ___________, is fan shaped and binds the small intestine to the posterior ab. wall
the mesocolon binds the ____ to the posterior wall
large intestine