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Diarrhea. Brought on by exposure to cold, dry wind or from fright.
Diarrhea. With colicky pains both before and after stool. Urgent need for stool -almost constant. Sweating from the weakness after stool;
Mucus filled stools, or stool mixed with jelly-like lumps.
Diarrhea. Ate tainted food. Concomitant vomit, nausea prostration, restless. Stools excoriating and smelly.
Arsenicum album
Huge appetite; ravenous; appetite increases while eating.
Wakes at night to eat. Bulmia.
Early satiety.
Loud rumbling in abdomen.
Bloated and distended abdomen, ameliorated by eructation and flatus, worse eating even small amounts of food.
Diarrhea. Profuse purging, usually in AM and driving from bed. Great thirst OR dry mouth. Mostly from eating bad fruits. Don't want to move.;
Diarrhea. Infant that is teething. Slimy green-grass stools. Smells like bad eggs!
Diarrhea. Debilitating. Painless. Offensive stools. Can get from eating fruit or taking a summer chill.;
Diarrhea. Frequent urging, colicky pain, better by relieving pressure or bending double. Only temporary relief after stool is passed.
Diarrhea. Patient got cold and wet - a sudden chilling. Stools slimy/green/yellow and may contain blood.
< change in weather, especially warm to cold.
< suppressed eruptions.
Aggravation from catching a cold (conjunctivitis, diarrhea, cystitis, low back pain, etc.)
Diarrhea from over-doing it. Dietary indiscretion. Or alternates with constipation. WORSE in morning. Much urging.
Nux vomica
Tremendous thirst for cold drinks.
Appetite ravenous.
Appetite increases with headache.
Peptic ulcer.
Gastritis with nausea and vomiting, better by cold drinks but returning as soon as the liquids become warmed in the stomach.
Diarrhea. Painless. Nervous in origin. Or, toxic state (typhoid fever). Profuse watery stools. Relief after stool.
Phos acid
Diarrhea. Exhaustion. Urgent, early morning. Painless. Preceded by severe colic. Gushes. Offensive. WORSE after eating or drinking. Sinking feeling in pit of stomach. Sensation: intestines will fall out!
Diarrhea. Cause: At night, drinking cold drinks, nervousness, after eating onions, rich food. No two stools alike. ;
Diarrhea. Drives patient out of bed in morning. Painless. Variable in consistence and amount. ;
Diarrhea. Accompanied by vomiting and icy cold sweat. Patient wants iced water and open air. May faint on bathroom floor.
Veratrum album
Diarrhea. Severe Food poisoning. Loss of blood. Patient is white with little pain. Fainting due to low BP. Diarrhea after shellfish!!
Heartburn. Pain and fullness in pit of stomach - 2-3 hrs after food. Foul breath. WORSE cold drinks, heat, stress. BETTER eating food - esp warm food, flatus.
Definite amel. from eating.
Sensation of a blunt plug stuck in a location in the body.
Sensation of a band around a single part of the body.
Heartburn/indigestion. Burning pain in pit of stomach soon after food. Like a stone in stomach. Can vomit. Exhaustion., chilly. WORSE any food, cold drinks, pressure BETTER warmth, warm drinks, after vomiting
Arsenicum album
Right upper quadrant pain; liver or gallbladder.
abdominal pain radiating through to back.
Abdominal pain amel. lying left side with legs drawn up.
Abdominal pain amel. by eating . (Graph.)
Abdominal pain radiating to right scapular region.
Indigestion/distress soon after eating; heaviness, nausea and faintness when sit up; biliousness. WORSE chill, pressure BETTER lying down quiet, belching
Indigestion. Pain and tender pit of stomach - 30 min after food, spread to chest. Much bloating. Flatus. Aversion to meat, milk, fat. Desire sweet and salty. Desire for air WORSE simple food BETTER sitting up, belching
Indigestion. Constrictive pain in pit of stomach 2 hours after food. "Lump" in throat. Desire to retch. Burning, griping, bloating. BETTER eating food, hot fluids, lying down, belch, eructations ;
Indigestion. Burning, heaviness, pressure in stomach, severe bloating. Bilious, belch. Peevish. WORSE walking BETTER after eating
Hepar sulph
Indigestion. Constant pain in pit of stomach, as from a hard-cornered object; horribly ill, vomits, tongue feels burnt. ;
Heartburn Indigestion "Weight" immediately after food; pain to shoulder blades; other small spots of soreness BETTER eating
Kali bic
Heartburn. Indigestion. Cramping, clawing, throbbing, great feeling of weight. About 1-2 hrs after food. Severe bloating. Ineffectual inclination to vomit. Queasy nausea WORSE pressure, tight clothes ;
Nux vomica
Heartburn. Bloating. "Had eaten too much", "Stone" 1-2 hrs after food. Regurg. WORSE warm room, rich food BETTER eating cold things ;
Gastritis. Anxiety, vomiting and diarrhea at same time. Worse midnight, bad food. Burning pains;
Gastritis. Vomit once ice cold water stomach. Fears being alone ;
Ravenous appetite during diarrhal conditions or after stool (Sulph.)
Diarrhea in the daytime only.
Vertigo; motion sickness.
Gastritis. Stomach pain better with rubbing, Lots of distention and gas; Better after stool and eating.
Constant nausea which is incapacitating; stomach seems to hang loose inside; nausea unrelieved by vomiting.
Combined symptoms:
Nausea and hemorrhage tendency.
Cough with vomiting.

Tongue remarkably clean despite contant nausea.
Gastritis or ulcers. Pain in stomach better after eating and lying down. Better warm food/drink, warm milk. Better eructations.
Keynote: Loses the erection during intercourse.
Headache with numb or empty sensation (Cocc., Plat.)

Cobweb sensation on face. (Alum)
Gastritis. Stomach pain worse motion, irritable, thirsty, heavy feeling ;
Gastritis. Stomach pain worse after fats, rich foods. Dry mouth but thirstless; bad taste in mouth. Weepy
Stitching or splinter-like pains of the rectum.
Nitricum Acidum
Hemorrhoids with great pain after stool lasting for hours.
Rectal warts.
Vomiting and diarrhea simultaneously. Worse veg/fruits. Sweating. Painful stools.
Veratrum album
Nausea during diarrhea with vomiting. Pains that create restlessness and tossing about. Very GREEN diarrhea, fermentation, froth ;
Diarrhea after anger. Periodical, yearly diarrhea in summer. Much mucus in stool with much urging ;
Kali bic
Deathly nausea; sinking stomach.
Nausea with or without vomiting which incapacitates.
Nausea of pregnancy, with spitting.
Nausea, better from cool air and uncovering the abdomen, worse upon opening the eyes
< motion of riding. Heat.
> cold; fresh air
Diarrhea. Lot's of exhaustion, looks septic, deathly sick; Severe cramps or painless, morning, rising 4am, Better as day goes on. Stool copious, watery gushes yellow. During dentition. Lost of offensive gas. Explosive after eating. ;
Indigestion. Burning, heaviness, pressure in stomach, severe bloating. Bilious, belch. Peevish. WORSE walking. BETTER after eating
Hepar sulph
Urging for stool during urination.
Nux Vomica
Infant colic. Stomach < tight clothes. > warmth.
Nux Vomica
Constipation with constant, ineffectual urging for stool.
Colitis of any variety.
Ars. alb.
Diarrhea, < anxiety, cold drinks, ice cream, fruit.
Corrosive or mucus filled or bloody stool.
Ars. alb.
Colitis or dysentery with constant tenesmus (Straining at stool or urinating which proves ineffective.), straining which is undiminished upon passing stool. (Rate of onset.)
Mercurius Corrosivus
Mercurius Solubulis shares many of the same characteristics, but this remedy is distinguished by its intensity of tenesmus and excoriation.
Infant unable to tolerate even mother's milk and will frequently vomit the milk.
2 Remedies.
"Bashful" Stool.
Gushing diarrhea. Vomiting. Amel. by stool
Gamboge: berry used to make golden-yellow ink. (Dye for Buddhist priests garments.)
Diarrhea in the elderly.
Urgent stool, esp. around 5am.
Two Remedies
Sulphur and Aloe
Involuntary stool when passing flatus.
Mucus filled stool. Stool mixed with jelly-like lumps.
Colicky pains before and after stool.
Sweating and great weakness after stool.
Internal burning in digestive tract from mouth to stomach, through to anus; excoriating diarrhea.
Iris vericolor: Snake Lily or Liver Lily
Vomiting w/headache which affords no relief. (Migraines.)
Regurgitation. Nausea. vomiting. Diarrhea. All < during or after eating. > slow walking.
Lienteric Stool
Complementary to China.
Ferr. met.
HA's that last 2 or 3 days.
Great sensitivity to noise, esp. rustling paper.
Post-operative vomiting.
Empty, anxious, sinking sensation after stool. Sensation as if intestines will fall out.
Colitis and rheumatism.
Gurgling in abdomen before stool.
SRP: Profuse diarrhea NOT producing the expected prostration.

Collapse after long diarrhea or any fluid loss. (Not China.)
Phos Ac.
Craving for fruit and fruit juices, refreshing things.
Periodicity, esp. every 2-7 days.
< foggy or cold, damp weather.
< autumn
< light touch, > firm pressure
Bitter taste in mouth.
Diarrhea and vomiting together (Not Ars. or Veratrum Album)
Cold sensation in teeth or sensitive to cold.
Diarrhea in old people.
Diarrhea which comes in one sudden, urgent gush.
Diarrhea < immediately after eating or drinking.
Croton Tiglim (Seeds. Spurge Family)
Affinity: Skin and intestines
(Comparisons: Gamb., Ars.)
Colicky pain.
< 6am or 4-5 pm
> bending-double.
< anger, indignation or excitement
Gastroenteritis w/ simultaneous vomiting and diarrhea (ars.)
Vomiting and diarrhea during menses w/dysmenorrhea.
Projectile vomiting.
Veratrum Album
Profuse cold sweat, especially on forehead. Cold breath.
Cravings: Sour. Sour fruit. Lemon. Salt. Ice.
Stomach pain amel. by drinking milk. (Croton tiglium, Chel, graph.)
Burning hemorrhoids, esophagus, stomach.
Desires: Fat, sour-lemons, alcohol.
Urging for urination when chilled.

< change of weather, especially when warm days are followed by cold evenings.
Diarrhea, < cold, damp weather or cold food

Flat smooth warts.
Severe Colic amel. by lying face down.
Agg 6 am or 4-5pm
Hemorrhoids "like a bunch of grapes."
Hemorrhoids with mark congestion.
hemorrhoids amel. by cold bathing.
Flatus. Hot Flatus.
Involuntary stool especially when passing flatus. Must concentrate to avoid accidents.
Emaciation despite eating voraciously.
Ravenous appetite, insatiable.
Generally worse from fasting and better from eating.

WARM remedy.

Generally worse heat and better cold or cold bathing.
Tremendous abdominal distension, trapped gas.
Horrible nausea from odors, especially from eggs and fish.
Nausea of pregnancy.
Colochicum: Autumn Crocus

Great sensitivity to odors causing nausea, vomiting, faintness, etc.
True vertigo, the world seems to spin. Must lie down.
Motion-sickness. Seasickness.
Cocculus: Indian cockle or levant nut
Great vertigo on watching moving objects or when watching objects while he is riding in a car or train.
Sensation of a bubble or lump in the stomach rising up into the throat. "Reverse peristalsis."
Asafoetida: Devil's Dung
Abdomen filled with gas and greatly distended but no flatus is passed, despite much eructation.

Empty or ineffectual eructation.

Globus hystericus (Ig, Nat-m, Lach)
Constipation so stubborn that the patient is impelled to assist the evacuation with his fingers.
Severe constipation, usually w/o urge to stool.
Constipation during pregnancy with grat dryness of the rectum.
Eructations, frequently and loud enough to earn a "reputation" with friends and family.
Argentum nitricum
Distension, may or may not be ameliorated by eructation.
Desires sweets, salts.
Abdominal colic better heat, extremely hot applications, hot drinks.
Abdominal pain, better pressure, bending double, (Coloc.) rubbing.
Magnesia Phosphorica
Keynote: Generals > from heat & pressure.

Dysmenorrhea, better warmth, better pressure.

Facial neuralgia, right-sided, better heat and pressure.
Diarrhea in morning after rising.
Sudden urging to stool.
Diarrhea with flatus.
Rectal Cancer or malignant colorectal polyps.

Acute and chronic hepatitis; cholecystitis; in liver and gallbladder dx often has the desire to lie on right side with legs curled up.
Gen. > after stool.
Gen. > after stool!!!
Gen. < from damp weather-rainy, foggy, etc.
Gen. < warm humid weather
Diarrhea in the morning after rising.
Colitis or colorectal polyps or malignancies AND asthma
Asthma AND diabetes.
Asthma AND depression.
Constipation with constant, ineffectual urging for stool.
Nux vomica
Cramping or sharp pains in abdomen.
Diarrhea from fright, anticipation or bad news.
Diarrhea with frequent urination.
Gelsemium: False Jasmine
Cystitis associated with headache, fatigue, and heaviness.
Trembling from exertion, fright or anticipation.
Colic: especially when relief is obtained by bending forward
Colic: Belladonna
Colic: the pain is made worse by least movement, jar, touch or pressure, also worse form heat, patient lies motionless on back with knees drawn up.
Colic: Byronia
Colic: belly blown up and wind passed in small quantities without relief, better by application of local heat, colic of teething infants.
Colic: Chamomilla
Colic: writhes and twists in pain, can't keep still, some relief from hard pressure, also from passage of wind, attack may be associated with or brought on by emotional upset, especially anger.
Colic: Colocynthis
Colic: colic from over-eating, better when sitting, or lying down.
Colic: Nux Vomica
Constipation: absence of urge to pass stool, sits and strains till cold and trembling, and then passes a soft stool, or perhaps a lot of little balls, or very narrow stools.
Constipation: Alumina Keynotes: Constipation so stubborn that the patient is impelled to assist the evacuation with his fingers. Constipation during pregnancy with great dryness of the rectum. Constipation in newborns. Severe constipation, usually w/o urge to stool.
Constipation: mouth, tongue, lips all are very dry stools are dry, hard and black as if burnt, much thirst for large quantities of cold water.
Constipation: much ineffectual urging to stool, even after passage of stool rectum does not feel properly emptied, too many laxatives taken in the past, tendency to bloating sensation, very chilly and may be irritable.
Constipation: Nux Vomica
Constipation: complete absence of urge to stool, perhaps for days on end, stools are composed of little hard balls, poor appetite, drowsy in daytime, sleepless at night with over-acute awareness of noises.
Constipation: Opium
Constipation: constant ineffectual urge to stool, stools hard and may slip back when partially expelled, anus seems closed by spasm of its muscles.
Constipation: Silicea
Constipation: frequent urge but inadequate evacuation, stools hard, dry, black and only expelled by great effort with pain and burning, alternation of constipation and diarrhea.
Constipation: Sulphur.
Colic: colic is better by heat, pressure and walking about, not relieved by belching, infants lie and cry with lower limbs drawn up and are soothed by application of warm hand.
Colic: Magnesia Phosphoricum
Bilious Attacks: esp. when there is accompanying headache, and when the least attempt to move or to sit up intensifies the symptoms, thirst for large quantities of fluid, not cold, at long intervals, dryness of mouth or lips.
Bilious Attacks: Bryonia
Bilious Attacks: attack brought on by anger, grief, chagrin, nausea intensified by thought, sight or smell of food, inclination to vomit accompanied by profuse salivation, better lying flat and keeping quiet.
Bilious Attacks: Cocculus
Bilious Attacks: nausea & vomiting, both severe and persistent, nausea not relieved by vomiting, abundant flow of watery saliva, attack may follow over-indulgence in rich food, tongue remains clean, shivery and shudders, but worse either extreme of temperature
Bilious Attacks: Ipecacuanha Rubiaceae Ip.
Bilious Attack: nausea and vomiting in alcoholics, stomach upset by mildest food, symptoms accompanied by blinding headache, yellow vomit.
Kali bich.
Bilious Attack: aftermath of overindulgence, nausea and vomiting, much retching and gagging, tongue like leather, foul taste in mouth, nausea in the morning, unduly irritable.
Nux vom.
Motion Sickness. Fear of downward motion.
Motion Sickness. Borax
Motion Sickness. Nausea associated w/loathing, or even thought, sight, smell of food, inclination to vomit is accompanied by copious salivation, giddiness and unsteady gait, utter prostration and "all gone" hollow feeling, must lie down.
Keynotes: True vertigo, the world seems to spin. Great vertigo on watching moving objects or when watching objects while he is riding in a car or train.
Motion Sickness. Seasickness. Cocculus.
Motion sickness: Horrible quesasy nausea, associated with splitting headache, often at back of head or over one eye, and loathing for food, tobacco, coffee, bloated feeling, much gagging, retching and ineffectual vomiting, wants warmth.
Nux Vomica
Motion Sickness. Persistent nausea with accumulation of water in the mouth, pain in stomach with feeling of great emptiness and relief if something can be eaten, vomiting and giddiness which is < from light or noise and on attempting to sit up, severe pain at back of head with stiffness of neck muscles, odd sensations in head. Seasickness. Motion sickness. Airplane sickness. Keynotes: Ravenous appetite during diarrheal conditions or after stool. Diarrhea in daytime only.
Motion Sickness Petroleum
Motion Sickness. Air sickness. Nausea and vomiting accompanied by complete loss of appetite, extreme giddiness on attempting to rise, severe frontal headache, scalp sensitive to touch, mouth and throat dry, unquenchable thirst. Remedy Modalities: < rest, cold & damp, before storm, chilled after overheating, suppressed sweat, after being soaked. > heat, rubbing.
Motion Sickness Rhus Toxicodendron
Motion Sickness. Nausea, giddiness, death-like pallor, vomiting, icy coldness, sweats, utter prostration, terrible faint sinking feeling, head feels gripped by a tight band, made < by smell of tobacco smoke.
Epistaxis AND hemorrhoids or varicosities.
Hamamelis: witch hazel
A high % of appendicitis pt. need this remedy. Lies on the right side, worse from any motion, worse from deep inspiration, better by cold applications.

Complementaries: Nat-M., Rhust-T., Sulph.
Distension may or may not be ameliorated by eructations.
Desires sweets and salt.
Warm-blooded. One of the hottest remedies. < Left side. Fluids go right through him.
Argentum nitricum
Flatulent colic.
> passing gas.
Eructation from undigested food.
< high living.
< warmth, depletion.
Carbo veg.
Flatulence gives no relief (Mag-P). Eructation gives no relief. Rumbling. Bloated.
Gallbladder dx. Bitter taste in mouth.
China: Quinine tree. Peruvian Bark.
Gassy after fruit. Tremendous distension, trapped gas. Smell of food causes even to fainting; Cold and weak but sensitive and restless; Acute smell; Thirstless and thirst.
Colchicum: Autumn crocus
Much noisy flatulence.
< pressure of clothes
< warmth.
Flatulent colic forces pt. to bend double (Coloc); relieved by rubbing, warmth, pressure; belches gas which does not relieve (China); bloated; full sensation in abdomen; loosens clothes, walks about and constantly passes flatus.
Colic radiates to all parts of the body; abdominal wall feels drawn by a string to spine; Drawn by string from umblilicus.
Plumbum met.
No flatus emitted upward or downward. Post-operative gas pain.
Gallstones. Colic. Breathing arrested by pain. Pain radiates.
Gallstones. Pain in liver shooting to under right scapula.
Alternating diarrhea and constipation.
Complementary remedy is Lyc.
Tympanic abdomen; painless; profuse, exhausting discharges; gallstone colic; drenching sweats at night; thirsty.
Acute and chronic hepatitis; cholecystitis; in liver and gall bladder dx often has the desire to lie on right side with legs curled up. Loss AM stools; rumbling, gurgling in bowels then sudden gushing, noisy, spluttering stool.
Natrum sulph.
Gastric ulcers: cannot belch, but loud if able to do so, also flatus gives some relief; pain radiates to all parts of abdomen; great desire for sweets; violent pains like splinters.
Argentum nit.
Gastric ulcer: intense burning pains; cannot bear the sight or smell of food (Colch; great thirst; drinks much but in sips.
Arsenicum alb
Gastric ulcer.
Eating relieves temporarily.
Round ulcers of stomach.
Adhesive secretions, thick, sticky, stringy, tough;
Kali bic
Gastric ulcer. Incomplete burning eructations rise only to pharynx, burns for hours; eating little creates fullness; food tastes sour; < night; awakes angry; noisy flatus
Gastric ulcer. Nausea in AM after eating; weight and pain in stomach; worse eating and for some time after; nausea and vomiting. Region of stomach very sensitive to pressure (Ars, Bry, Lach)several hours after eating.
Nux vomica
Post-operative vomiting; vomits water as soon as it gets warm in stomach.
Cheerful or > with stool.

< damp weather, warm humid weather.
Diabetes mellitus.
Rectal cancer or malignant colorectal polyps.
Craves Yogurt.
Natrum sulphuricum
Cheerful or > with stool.

< damp weather, warm humid weather.
Diabetes mellitus.
Rectal cancer or malignant colorectal polyps.
Craves Yogurt.
Natrum sulphuricum
Stubborn constipation; must mechanically remove the stool with his finger.

2 Remedies.
Nux Moschata: Nutmeg
Keynotes: Constipation so stubborn that the patient is impelled to assist the evacuation with his fingers. Constipation during pregnancy with great dryness of the rectum. Constipation in newborns. Severe constipation, usually w/o urge to stool.
Constipation: Alumina