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the term k-space refers to
the spatial frequency domain for images
In a Fourier Series expansion, a periodic signal (or mathematical function) is expressed as
A combination of sine and cosine functions
The network layout that describes how computers are interconnected on a netwrok is called the network...
The code of behavior and etiquette that enables computers to communicate with one another is called a
The CONVOLUTION operation involves
MULTIPLYING a mask by underlying pixels in the image and then summing over all pixels in the mask
The four field number that behaves like a telephone number to identify a computer on a network is called the
IP address
the MEDIAN filter is very effective in image processing at
removing "salt and pepper" noise (speckle)
What is the purpose of histogram equalization?
To stretch the histogram to be as uniform as possible and span the range of available pixel values
The official repository for patient identification informatin in the healthcare enterprise should be the
For transmissino across a network, digital information is first broken up into
The process by which digital information is directed from its source to its destination computer is called
A simple method for image compressino in which repeating data is represented as a single value and the number of times it is repeated is called
run length encoding
What is the purpose of the window/level operation on a PACS workstation?
To utilize the full grayscale dynamic range to display a limited portion of the image histogram
One of the primary purposes of binary thresholding is?
Which of the following is NOT a point operation?
Median filter
An emergency backup operation that automatically switches to a standby redundant database or file server if the primary system fails is called
IHE integration profile that is designed to ensure that images appear as intended...
consistent presentation of images
Whihc of hte following statements are true about JPEG encoding
it encodes data using the discrete cosine transform
it was originally intended for color photographic images
it can be either lossless or lossy
Which imaging problem can be corrected by histogram equalization?
Not enough contrast
The oscillation or "ringing" that occurs in signals or images when not enough fourier coeficients are used to represent the signal is called
the gibbs phenomenon
A low pass filter, implemented using fourier methods, retains which part of k-space in creating a processed image?
the center
The maximum value along the vertical axis of an image histogram is
the most common pixel value in the image
The system that tracks the staus of pations and examinations through the diagnostic imaging department is the
JPEG 2000 encodes image data using:
Region of interest coding
Modality worklists are generally created by the