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What is the name for when an infant has shun disturbance or weak spirit that is with a sudden on-set?
Infantile fright wind
Infant has a red face, loud cry, thrashing and may get a very high fever - excess or deficient?
Chronic, weak problem in infants, too weak to thrash, pale complexion, weak crying, mild twitching rather than convulsions, related to blood deficiency or yin deficiency, child may be ill or have a brain disorder - excess or deficient>
What type of wind causes epileptic seizures, sudden collapse, foaming at the mouth, convulsions in kids and adults
Wind and phlegm
Wind phlegm has two types of seizures --- and ---
hot and cold
What is the tongue like in epilepsy?
slimy, greasy coat
What does the medical term central vascular accident mean?
Numbness and paralysis on 1 side of the body indicates what type of pathogen?
Wind strike/stroke - hemiplegia
Deviation of the eye, wry mouth, can't puff out 1 side of the cheek, stiff tongue, difficulty talking, or dysphasia are symptoms of ---
Person is thinner, looks deficient, depleted of fluids, signs of depleted yin, sudden anger sets in and they have a stroke - what is this diagnosis?
Ascending liver yang or upstirring of liver wind
What is the pulse like in ascending liver yang or upstirring of liver wind?