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What are the 4 Aspects?
1. Wei level, superficial (wind heat)
2. Qi level, organ qi
3. Ying (nourishing)
4. Blood level (Deepest)
What does Wen Bing mean?
Warm Damage
When was the Wen Bing written?
What was researched in the Wen Bing?
Infectious diseases such as measles, small pox, mumps, polio, etc.
What is the key symptom at the Wei Qi level?
Aversion to cold
What organ controls the wei qi?
The lungs
What is more prominant at the wei qi level? Fever or chills?
One may have fever and chills, but fever is more prominant
What are some other symptoms at the wei qi level?
Headache, cough, yellow sputum (thick and sticky), sore throat (red and raw) little or no sweat, slight thirst
Tongue at Wei qi level
Red especially on the tip, yellow or white coate
Pulse at the Wei qi level
Floating, superficial, rapid (due to heat)
Treatment for problems at the Wei qi level
Clear heat, release the exterior
What is the treatment of choice at the Wei qi level?
Acupuncture and herbs
What points are commonly used to make one perspire or to stop perspiration?
LI4 and KD7
At what level are we going deeper and developing more interior problems with more hot excess problems?
Starting at the Qi level (level2)
What is the most exterior of the interior levels that parallels with the yang ming level?
Qi level
LU, ST, LI, GB, SP are most affected at this level
Qi level
What are some problems at the Qi level?
Gastritis, Diabetes, Periodontal Disease
High fever, heavy sweat, no chills, sensitive to heat, very thirsty restless and irritable, tosses and turns in bed, upper ventral vexation above the diaphram/upper jiao is felt at what level?
Qi level
What type of urine does one have at the Qi level?
Dark and concentrated
What are the bowel movements like at the Qi level?
Constipation is possible
Pulse at Qi level
Rapid, deep and strong
What is the key symptom at the Qi level?
Aversion to heat
Tongue at Qi level
Red with yellow coate or white and yellow coat
What is the best treatment plan at the Qi level?
At what level will one feel feverish, restless, restless sleep due to heat, delirium, possibly manic, clouding of the shen possible tremors or convulsions, maculopapular eruptions (skin rash that looks like bumps)
Ying Level
What is the key symptom @ the Ying level?
Irritable & fever at night
What does the tongue look like at the Ying level?
Distinctly red, crimson
What is the pulse like at the Ying level?
Deep and rapid
What is the best treatment plan for someone who has Ying Level symptoms?
Take them to the ER
What is the deepest of the 4 levels?
Blood level
What kinds of problems does one have at the blood level?
Bleeding, skin eruptions, possible ebola (from Africa), maculopapular eruptions that are purple or black
What does the tongue look like @ the Blood level?
Mirrored with no coat, deep crimson
What is the key symptom @ the blood level?
What is the treatment plan @ the blood level?
Send to the ER
What is the best treatment plan for prevention?
ST36 moxa daily, LI4, BL12
What kinds of problems might a well developed person have who appears healthy and strong?
Excess problems
What kinds of problems might a weaker person have who looks emaciated?
Yin deficiency or blood deficiency
What type of a treatment is best for a weaker person?
Moxa and fewer needles
What kind of a syndrome is related to atrophy, problems with arms and legs, polio and paralysis?
Wei syndrome
How does one develop wei syndrome?
Could be brought on by dampness, or sinews aren't being nourished due to qi and blood deficiency
What kinds of symptoms does one have with endogenous liver wind?
Twitching, tremors and convulsions
What is the name diagnosis for measle, smallpox, malnutrition and chickenpox?
Infantile fright wind
What may be the cause for endogenous liver wind?
High fever, imbalance between liver yin and yang or due to blood deficiency
What kind of a pulse will one have for endogenous liver wind?
Empty, deficient or soggy
What kind of pulse will one have for liver yang excess?