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What do decreased hematocrit values indicate?
A hematorit of <30 means the pt is moderatelly to severely anemic.
What does a increased hematocrit indicate?
Polycythemia, Severe Dehydration.
Interfering factors of Hematocrit?
People that live in high altitudes, varies w/age & sex.
What is hemoglobin?
The main component of RBCs, they serve as the vechile for transportation of O2.
O2 binding capacity is directly proportional to the hemoglogin concentration. (the test measures the amt of hemoglobin not the amt of red blood cells)
Interfering factors of Hemoglobin?
People that live in high altitudes
Excessive fluid intake (decrease)
Pregnancy (decrease)
Some drugs (increase or decrease)
What are the hemoglobin panic values?
<5g/dl Leads to heart failure & death.
>20 g/dl leads to clogging of capillaries.
What are red blod cell indices used to differentate?