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What does DITSCAP stand for?
DoD Information Technology Security Certification and Accredidation Program
What is the objective of DITSCAP?
establish a DoD standard infrastructure-centric approach that protects and secures entities comprising the defense information infrastructure standardize the C& A process for single IT entiteis that lead to more secure systems
What are the phases of the C&A process?
1) Definition
3) Validation
4) Post Accreditation
What is involved in the definition phase of the C&A process?
Define needs, identify security requirements, identify essential activities,
What is a SSAA?
A living document kept in a binder that records all security requirements, & the stakeholder agreements on the planned performace of the C&A process
What is involved in phase II of the C&A process?
Verification- SSAA memo, security plan, security requirements doc, contingency planning, CONOPS, C&A plan, system security test and evaluation program, security test report, risk/vulnerability
what is phase III of the C&A process?
Validation: findings of the security investigation are reviewed and a C&A is issued, SSAA is forwarded to the DAA
What will cause the C&A process to be restarted?
additional hardware, software or connections.
What is NISPOM?
National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual
What does NISPOM require?
appoint a FSO, conduct security reviews no more than once every 12 mos
What is the annual expected avenue for ARINC?
734 Million
When was ARINC Founded?
Name some top projects for ARINC?
airport check in, AIM (transportation) aviation communications, KC-135, KC-10, T-44, crisis response trailer FBI
Who is the CEO of ARINC?
John Belcher
What are the four hallmarks of ARINCs philosopy?
People, purpose, passion,performance
What is DoD 8500.1
Information Assurance
What are the four levels of ccertification?
1. basic security review
2. minimum analysis
3. detailed analysis
4. comprehensive analyis