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what are 4 common causes of abdomen to be pendulous or rounded?
ascites, obesity, hepatomegaly, cushings
how can you diagnose a diaphragmatic rupture?
abdominal viscera in the thorax
what are some secondary radiographic changes that would suggest a ruptured diaphragm?
absence of normal falciform fat
absence or cranial displacement of the liver and other viscera
other signs of trauma such as rib fracture
what does periotoneal fluid do to serosal detail?
reduces serosal margin detail and contrast
when would peritoneal gas not be a problem
after a recent surgery
what will free abdominal air look like?
triagular gas opacities
how can free peritoneal air be confirmed?
via a horizontal beam
what will retroperitoneal do to the outline of the kidney
obliterates the outline
when there is a moderate to large volume of fluid in the retroperitoneal space, what gets displaced?
causes ventral displacement of the GIT
when will you usually see a pneumoretroperitonum?
usually a result of psedumediastinum
Where is the stomach located in a normal dog
Cranial to the last pair of ribs but may extend caudal to the costal arch.
Where is the axis of the stomach?
From the fundus through the body and pylorus is perpendicular to the spine or parallel to the ribs (10th ICS)
Can stomach and intestinal wall thickness be assessed with rads?
No use contrast or ultrasound
What should the small intestines diameter not exceed
1.6 times the height of the center of the fifth lumbar vertebral body
Where will dilation of the small intestine occur in relation to a lesion?
What can happen with an obese cat
Sm int can be asymmetrically positioned in the right mid abdomen
Where is the cecum generally located?
Right to the midline of L2 and L3
Can you see a gas filled cecum in the cat?
What can you tell about the liver radiographically?
Size, shape, location, and opacity
What should the caudoventral aspect Of the liver look like?
Sharply marginated
Where is gallbladder located?
To the right of the midline
Can you see the gallbladder on rads
No it has the same density as the liver, it is silhoetted
Where is the proximal aspect of the spleen located
It is always on the right side, it is fixed by the gastrosplenic ligament
Where does the tail of the spleen hang out
Wherever it moves around but on a VD view will be seen as a traingular soft tissue opacity Vaud lateral to the gastic fundus and crank lateral to the left
On a lateral view how does the tail of the spleen look?
Triangular, soft tissue opacity immediately caudal and slightly ventral to the pylorus or liver
What are the most common tissues for masses in the mid abdomen
Spleen, mesenteric lymph nodes, mesenteric cysts, or eccentric intestinal masses
What are carinomatosis
Dogs-multiple small soft tissue nodules within peritoneum. Cats with carcinomatosis typically have ascites and nodules that cannot be seen
When looking for dog kidneys what
Do you expect to see?
Left kidney and only the right pole of the kidney
When looking for cat kidneys, what do you expect to see?
Both kidneys
How big should dog kidneys be
2.5-3.5 times the length of the second vertebrae
How big should feline kidneys be?
2 to 3 times the length of the second lumbar vertebrae
Should the kidneys look heterogeneous
No they should be homo and smooth
What is the shape of a normal canine bladder?
What is the shape of a normal feline bladder?
When should you be concerned about bladder size?
When the urinary bladder extends cr to umbilicus