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Who should the employee put their grievance in writing to?
Immediate manager - unless grievance is regarding that person. Then, the managers manager.
When will employee receive written acknowledgement of the Grievance?
As soon as practically possible - guideline is within forty-eight hours.
Who may accompany an employee to a Grievance or an appeal?
A colleague or Trade Union official.
How soon after a Grievance hearing will a written response be sent?
Within seven days where possible.
The employee has a right to appeal against the decision within how many days?
Five working or seven calendar days.
What are the three stages of the Grievance procedure?
1. Grievance put in writing
2. Grievance hearing
3. Appeal
Where might a two stage process be used.
a) If the employee has left the company and agrees this is OK.

b) Adverse circumstances - where there is a threat of violence.
If the grievance is upheld, and disciplinary action is taken what is disclosed to the aggrieved employee?
That action has been taken. Not the level.
If a satisfactory solution is not met at a Hearing, what is the next stage?
An Appeal.
How soon should the appeal be heard?
Normally within two weeks.
How soon after an appeal should an employee receive a response?
Within seven calendar days.
How long before a Hearing should an employee should be invited and provided with copies of evidence?
Twenty-four hours.