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The books of the Bible that come from the Jewish people before the time of Jesus; the part of the Bible that deals with Gods covenant with the Jews
Hebrew Scriptures
What is the Old Testament
All the the Hebrew Scriptures plus the deuterocanonical booksand books fo Esther and Daniel
The saving action of God through human history
Salvation history
The first 4 books fo the New Testament, which present Jesus' teachings
The name for the Gospel writers - Matthew,Mark,Luke and John
The official list of inspired books of sacred Scripture (Old Testament, 46 books and New Testament 27 books)
The 4 categories of books of the New Testament
Acts of the Apostles
New Testament Letters
The Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John are also called
Synoptic Gospels
Matthew and Luke used another source to write their Gospels. This document is called
The "Q" document

Q = German word for quelle meaning source
The 3 stages of Gospel Development
Jesus' life (BC-AD 33)
Oral proclamation (from witnesses of His life, death, resurrection)
Written proclamation (AD 55-100)
What part of the New Testament was written first
Letters of St Paul to the Corinthians
Name the Evangelists
Why aer the Gospels referred to as Synoptic
Latin words
syn = together
optic = seen
(The Gospels have the same vision)
Of the 27 books in the NT, how many are letters
Who was the leader of Palestine when Jesus was born
Herod the Great
How did Herod try to kill the infant Jesus and why
By killing all the male infants in Bethlehem.
He feared competition for being the "King of the Jews"
What were the small groups of Christians that met in homes to worship and tell stories of Jesus called
House churches
Well-educated, lay, religious leaders whos main focus was keeping the Jews faithful to the Law
The intrpreters and teachers of the Law; could be a Pharisee or Sadducee
Many of this group were priests who saw no harm in compromising the Jewish laws with the Greek and Roman laws in order to keep peace
Members of a Jewish sect that thought they were among God's elect and were waiting fr the end of the world to claim their place with God
A rebellious movement of militant Jews who yearned and battled for the recovery of Jewish independence
A collection of fragments of manuscripts in Hebrew and Greek, belonging to Jewish groups from Qumran and other sites near the Dead Sea
Dead Sea Scrolls
What are some of the names for the "Promised Land" and what are some of major area?
Holy Land, Land of Israel, Land of Canaan

Judea, Samaria, Galilee
What area of the Promised Land is most sacred and why
Judea because the "City of David" (Jerusalem) is the political and spiritual capital of the country - the Temple was here
Where did Jesus spend most of his life and ministry
His hometown Nazareth was here
The Greek word "Christ" means

Hebrew word "Messiah" also means annointed
Where did Jewish Christians worship together
What are the 2 records of Jesus' birth called and who wrote them
"Infancy narratives"

Matthew and Luke
What part of the Bible expresses how God expects people to live in relationship to one another
These writings provide guidelines for an attitude towards living that can bring true happiness to all Gods people
Why did some people not want to say God's name or YHWH in hebrew
God is the Holy One and so holy you can't say his name.

Matthew would not even write Kingdom of God and used Kingdom of Heaven instead
What do the parables do?
Use stories to describe the mystery of the Kingdom of God
Why did the Pharisees exommunicate the Jewish Christians from the synogogues
Jewish Christians refused to participate in the armed war against the Roman - they believed in nonviolence
According to the Beatitudes, where is true happiness found
Happiness is found in God, not things
Who were the opponents of Jesus
Jewish religious authorities like Pharisees, Sadducees, priests, scribes, elders.

Political authorities are the Herodians
What is the symbol of the Spirit at Jesus' baptism
In Jesus' time, a group of 71 people made up of chief priests, scribes, and elders who made decisions regarding actions of the Jewish people
Who were the first 4 disciples
What is the significance of the mountain in Scripture
A place where God is met
What is the focus of Mark's Gospel
An urgent message about the necessity to live life modeled by Jesus. It require disciples who are willing to suffer and serve others.
What is the difference between the messianic secret and messianic mystery
Secret: As Jesus heals, preaches, and teaches, he is revealed as the Messiah.
Mystery: the mystery of why the Messiah must suffer, die, and be raised in glory
What is the event following Jesus' baptism that leads us to believe there will always be a struggle between good and evil
The arrest of John the Baptist
During his trial, Jesus says he is the Messiah. What is he convicted of and what is his sentence.
Convicted of blasphemy and sentenced to death
At the time of Jesus' death, who recognizes his true identity
A Gentile Roman soldier - shows Jesus is the Messiah to all men
How did Bartholomew die
Tortured and killed with knives
A Hebrew word for "hear", the first word in Deuteronomy, "Hear O Israel"
A Hebrew word for those who are materially and spiritually poor and seeking God
Why is Mary an unusual choice for the mother of God. How did she react?
She was a simple, poor, and very young girl.
She reacted by surrendering herself and trusting God
How does God's plan for salvation involve Mary
She is the link from the past to the present. She is a symbol that we are called to be God's servants and carry Jesus to the world.
What does the feeding of the 5000 remind us of
The Eucharist
What happened at the Transfiguration
Jesus took Peter and John up on the mountain. They saw Moses ad Elijah talking to him in glory. Then God's voice came from a cloud and said "This is my Son, listen to Him!"
Who was the powerful prophet of the poor and oppressed
Who passes by someone in need on the way to the Temple because he wanted to remain pure and clean
Who stops and help someone in need on the road even if he is dirty or unpure
The Good Samaritan (Jesus)
What does Theophilus mean
The friend of God

The Book of Acts begins with a greeting to Theophilus meant to include all who loved God
Greek word for "witness"
Dying for one's faith
The effort by one group to suppress the freedom of another by harming or threatening them
Who baptized Saul
What was Paul's vocation
Be a missionary to the Gentiles
What was the first church council, why did they hold it and what was decided
Council of Jerusalem was held to decide if Gentile Christians must follow Jewish law.
They decided they did not but this caused tensions.
What does Theophilus mean
Friend of God
Why was it important that Judas be replaced
They wanted 12 Apostles to represent the 12 Tribes of Israel.
Who was teh first to convert the Gentiles and who did he convert
Philip was the first to convert the Gentiles.

He converted Saul on the road to Damascus
What was the first community to accept both Jewish and Gentile converts
Where was the first place place where followers of Jesus were called "Christians"
Who was with Paul on his first missionary journey

His second journey
1st - Barnabas

2nd - Silas
What was the first city in Europe where the Gospel was preached
"In the beginning was the Word"
What does "Word" mean?
God's presence dwelling within all creation and in the human soul
What are the signs or miracles of Jesus
Water into wine
Heal an official's son
Heal a paralytic
Feed 5000
Walks on water
Restores sight to a blind man
Raises Lazarus to life
What happened when Jesus spoke to the Samaritan woman
He broke the barriers against speaking to a female and a Samaritan - that Jesus loves everyone
How is the Gospel of John different from the synoptic Gospels
It has new content and different sytle, probably because it was written independently from the other Gospels.
What are the "I am" statements in the Gospel of John about?
They are meant to show the divinity of Jesus
According to John, what is the basis for all Jesus' miracles
The incarnation of Christ in human flesh is the basis for all miracles
What is the heart of Christian service
For whom as the Book of Revelation written and why
The book was written for Christians who were being persecuted and was to give them hope that God's presence would sustain them.
Who probably wrote the Book of Revelation
The author says he is John, but was probably written by a Christian prophet.
What are the New Testament Letters
21 letters written before the Gospels.
Written to give early Christians instructions and guidance
What does the term "Body of Christ" express
The relationship of Christ to the Church
Church members = parts of Christ's body
How can we use the Letters of Paul today
(Pauline letters)
His advice about choices in todays life are still meaningful today
What are the parts of a Pauline Letter
Final greeting