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Forms of Deviant Association
5)Formal Organizations
Loners (sex-offenders)
NO Mutual Association; NO Mutual Participation; NO Elaborate Division of Labor; NO Extended Organization over time and space
Colleagues (Bums)
YES Mutual Association; NO Mutual Participation; NO Elaborate Division of Labor; NO Extended Organization over time and space
Peers (Gangs, Deviant Sex)
YES Mutual Association; YES Mutual Participation; NO Elaborate Division of Labor; NO Extended Organization over time and space
Crews (Oceans 11)
YES Mutual Association; YES Mutual Participation; YES Elaborate Division of Labor; NO Extended Organization over time and space
Formal Organizations (Mafia)
YES Mutual Association; YES Mutual Participation; YES Elaborate Division of Labor; YES Extended Organization over time and space
Peers (card #2)
-youth gangs/illicit markets
-shared participation
-minimal division of labor
-Relationships vary from fleeting to enduring
Crews (card #2)
-Elaborate division of labor
-Role specialization
-size = 3-12ppl
-Division of authority
-efficient and effective
Formal Organizations (card #2)
-Family ties
-Ethnic ties
-Commitment for life; no dropping out!!
-Vertical and Horizontal Differentiation
-Police corruption
System of Status Stratification for Prostitutes
Worst - Sex Slave
2nd Worst - Crack whore
3rd Worst - Street walker
Little better-Bar prostitute
Next best - Brothels
Best - Call girls
Deviant Transactions:

1)Individual Deviance
2)Deviant Exchange
3)Deviant Exploitation
1) One person in a deviant role

2) At least 2ppl in a cooperative deviant roles; mutually beneficial

3) 2 people in conflict; 1 in deviant role: offender & 1 in non-deviant role: victim
Individual Deviance
"To yourself, by yourself, for yourself, on yourself"

-shaped by social relationships

-shaped by persons socialization (ie gender, class, religion)

-shaped by anticipated actions and reactions of others

Deviant Exchange:
3 Diff. b/w Trades and Sales
1)Degree of Differentiation
-sales = high degree
-trade = low degree
2)Knowledge and Skill
-sales = high degree
-trade = low degree
3)Degree of Authority
-sales = one party has upper hand
-trade = egalitarian
Deviant Exchange:
4 Similarities b/w Trades and Sales
1)Locating the market
2)Coming to terms
3)Carrying out the exchange
4)Protect the marketplace
Deviant Exploitation:
4 ways this differs from Deviant Exchange
1)Victim role
2)not mutually profitable
3)conflicting interests
4)Hostility and 5 R's
-Refuse to cooperate
-recruit outside assistance
-report to authorities
4 subforms of Deviant Exploitation
3)Surreptitious Exploitation
open "exploitation"; by force

ie- hold-up, rape, assault, robbery
open "exchange"; by force

ie- blackmail, protection rackets, kidnapping
Surreptitious Exploitation
closed "exploitation"; by stealth

ie- pickpocketing, identity theft, burglary
closed "exchange"; by trickery

ie- sales scam, internet fraud, phishing & pharming
Open awareness
aware of what is going on, when it is going on
Closed awareness
either not aware of what is happening, or when it is occuring, or both.
Surreptitious Exploitation (card #2)
-co-presence or
non co-presence
-requires unfocused or inattentive victim
-quickly performed
-requires special resources
Pickpocketing: The Players
-person who is actually picking the pocket

- manuever mark intolocation Tool prefers

- someone ready in car waiting for Tool to make getaway

Boss &
Road Manager
-Backstage roles
5 Stages of Pickpocketing
1)Selecting the Mark
- who has $$?

2)Fanning the Mark
- stealthily finding location of wallet on Mark

3)Framing the Mark
-using the Stall to manuever mark into location where Tool performs lift

4)Performing the Lift

Deviant Careers: 6 themes
1)Entering Deviance
2)Training and Socialization
3)How does experience evolve over time?
4)Exiting Deviance
6)Deviant vs. Legit careers
Entering Deviance: 4 modes
1) Defensively

2) Drift

3) Conscious decision

4) Sponsorship

Legit vs. Deviant careers: Legit Career Path
1)Entry level
-lowest pay; least job security; work your way up slowly; not ideal job

2)Career Climb
-sometimes involves geographic relocation; making a little more $$

3)Reaching Peak
-Age somewhere in 40s, 50s; Making decent money, paid dues; Doing what you want, when you want; Have reputation, specialized skill, expertise, etc.; More satisfying, better earning

4)Coasting to Retirement
-supports you at end:sense of security; no need to work extensively
Legit vs. Deviant careers: Deviant Career Path
1)Rapid upward mobility
-no structure like legit; mostly entrepreneur work; more durable and reliable; more risks and more $$

2)More Frequent Shifts
-Lateral Shift: same scene, new activity or new scene, same activity

-Vertical Shift: up or down; Entirely new scene

-Add new activities (not necessarily giving up old deviance)

-Short-term to Long-term

3)Earlier Decline
-People peak earlier in deviance, which leads to a downward spiral

-People become burnt-out

-Longer you stay in, more arrests, more trouble

-Risk-factors increase, multiply

-Paranoia sets in with too many risks

-Deviance is within the body, physical hustling, running, fighting, hauling, tricking, drugging, partying, etc.

-Push-out factors

4)Wanting Out
-wanting out and getting out are two separate things
-Pull-out factors are family,friends,links to respectable social circles
5 Characteristics of "Loner" Deviants - Chap 29, Adler
1)Formulating Deviant Ideology
2)Social Isolation
3)Practical problems
4)Normative Strain
Social Organization of Punk Scene - 4 stratifications
Chap 30, Fox
1)Hardcore Punks
2)Softcore Punks
3)Preppie Punks
3 Features of Gender, Gangs and Violence - Chap 31, Miller
1)Gangs as Protection and Risk

2)Gender and Status

3)Devaluation and Victimization
4 Characteristics of Organized Crime
1)The activities must be criminal
2)The criminal activities must be organized
3)They act for profit rather than a cause
4)Willingness to use violence
3 Characteristics of International Criminal Org's
1)Global Scope of operations
2)Transnational links
3)A challenge to authority
6 Factors likely to aid growth of International Criminal Organization
1)Economics of productions
2)International Ungovernability
3)Immigration streams
4)Border Porosity
5)Trends in technology
6)Relative Disorganization of Law Enforcement
8 criteria defining sexual asphyxia complex
1)The act is solitary
2)There is evidence of sexual activity
3)There is no well-defined evidence of suicidal intent
4)The deceased is completely or partially unclothed
5)Transvestism may be present
6)There may be evidence of previous episodes
7)Often, extremities and/or genitals are bound
8)Erotic materials are often present
Predominant characteristics of sexual asphyxiates
-middle and upper-class
6 features of Pimp-controlled prostitution

Chap 35, Williamson and Cluse-Tolar
1)Rules of pimping game
2)Turning a woman out
3)Free enterprise and Choosing UP
4)Pimp and Prostitute relationships in the game
5)Pimp-related violence: Physical and Emotional control of women
6)Leaving Pimp-controlled prostitution
4 Stages of Stripping Confidence Game

Chap 36, Pasko
1)Qualifying the mark
2)Cultivation of the mark
3)Con-ing the mark
4)Cooling out
4 aspects of the Social Control of Masculinity

Chap 37, Fraternities and Rape on campus, Martin & Hummer
1)Valued qualities of members
2)The status and norms of pledgeship
3)Norms and dynamics of brotherhood
4)Practices of brotherhood
Practices of Brotherhood
1)Loyalty, group protection and secrecy

2)Alcohol as a weapon

3)Violence and physical force

4)Competition and superiority
Fraternities commodification of women
1)Women as bait

2)Women as servers

3)Women as sexual prey
Opportunity and Crime in Medical Professions:

The Protective Cloak
Opportunity and Crime in Medical Professions:

Selected Medical Offenses
-fee spliting
2)Prescription violations
3)Unnecessary treatments
4)Sexual misconduct
Opportunity and Crime in the Medical Professions:

Medicaid Fraud and Abuse
2)legitimacy for fraud
3)medicaid mills
6 reasons for deciding to join a gang

Chap 39, Sanchez-Jankowski
1)Material incentives
3)A place of refuge
4)Physical protection
5)A time to resist
6)Commitment to community
3 modes of Organizational Recruitment

Chap 39, sanchez-Jankowski
- promotes social aspects; ppl sign up and Gangs set up tasks for recruits to do to test them

- people feel an obligation to join a gang because of family, community etc...

- gangs need to bump up numbers quickly, so they very forcefully tell ppl they need to join gang
Typology of Gay Male Christian Couples:

Expectationally and Behaviorally exclusive:
3 reasons for sexual exclusivity
1)Total commitment
2)Complete mutual satisfaction
3)Conventional Christian sexual ideals
Typology of Gay Male Christian Couples:

Expectationally exclusive and Behaviorally non-exclusive:
4 regulatory mechanisms
1)Ground Rules
4)Preventing a fling from developing into an affair
Typology of Gay Male Christian Couples:

Expectationally and Behaviorally non-exclusive:
3 Sustaining factors
1)Sexual variety and excitement

2)Absence of normative guidelines

Shifts ans Oscillations in Deviant Careers:

4 Shifts/Oscillations
1)Aging in the career
-likely to want to get out as getting older
2)Phasing out
- see next card
4)Career Shifts
Phasing out:

3 Factors Inhibiting leaving
1)Hedonism and materialism
-pleasure seeking/material goods, $$

2)Commitment to the occupation
-its the only thing you know
-all friends are also illegitimate
-images of you are very tied to your current role

3)Difficulty finding another way to earn a living
Phasing out:

4 Patterns of Quitting
1)One Last "Big Deal"
- Italian Job
- never actually leave... its a cycle

2)Planned to change yet dont
-like quitting smoking

3)Never replace trafficking with anything else
- ppl do quit but dont replace source of income so they have to go back

4)Try to move into another line of work
- some may try to move into legit business, but hard, so many go back to illegitimate work

Comeback and Relapse
-comeback to legit world as forced then eventually go back to illegitimate

-voluntary withdrawl, but cant make it legit so comes back to illegitimate
Career Shifts: 3 types
-switching jobs at same level of illegitimacy
-ie "tool" to "stall"

-switching jobs at ranging levels of illegitimacy; heirarchy
-ie drug dealing to drug trafficking

- straddling both worlds
- legitimate, but still has contacts to illegit. drug hookups
4 Stages of Exiting Child Molestation
1)Becoming engulfed with fear
2)Regaining temporary control
-Internal triggers
-Internal feelings of guilt
-External Triggers
-can be a "close call" that scares them
-Diverted Attention
-distraction from sexual abuse that makes them stop for awhile
-ie moving

3)Getting caught
-Audience and Self-report
-person commiting abuse is very likely to admit acts if confronted, to get load off shoulders
-Victim Reports
-most likely cause
-telling mother, best friend, counselor etc...

4)Reacting to being discovered

-Immediate Reaction Phase
-Delayed Reaction Phase
-hits rock bottom, becomes depressed, realizes what they lost, possibly suicidal