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According to differential identification, before a person pursues a deviant behavior, he or she must first ____ real or imaginary people whose behavior seems acceptable.
identify with
Another idea about association suggests that before one becomes deviant, a process of _____ must occur where one is rewarded for his or her behavior.
differential reinforcement
Outside the police and the military, America’s most violent institution is probably...
the family
What is true about family violence?
most child abusers are otherwise law abiding citizens
In contemporary American society all the following are ways the abusive men usually try to rationalize their violent acts toward women, except for...
admitting to lack of self esteem
What is NOT usually a reason why women continue to live with abusive partners?
they are waiting for the right moment to seek revenge against their partners
What is NOT a reason why large numbers of children are abused in American society?
the widespread acceptance of spouse abuse
The feminine qualities conducive to becoming a victim of rape are...
softness, gentleness, and considerateness
The idea of deviance as a label suggests that deviance is not inherent in behavior, but rather it is a matter of...
Deviance, according to the labeling theory is not a matter of what you do, but rather...
how others perceive what you do
That someone must act and some other must perceive and respond to that act illustrates that deviance is...
an interactive event
Most sociological thought concerning the effects of deviance on deviants has come from which perspective?
symbolic interactionism
Symbolic interactionalists think that deviance is...
a process
Deviance that results from the interaction process that leads to a deviant lifestyle is called...
secondary deviance
What is a label?
name or description attached to someone by others
master status
status that obscures other attributes
looking glass self
image developed by imagining how others view you
self fulfilling prophecy
an expectation that made itself come true
reference group
associates with whom one compares and to whom one looks for belonging
role model
an example one uses to make life choices
comparison levels
measurement used to judge self and life outcomes
generalized other
internalized interpretation based on role taking
The negative label attached to friends and family of deviants is called...
courtesy stigma
Deviance is more apt to occur in groups because...
most human behavior is group behavior
Deviance can often be explained as conformity to a deviant or illegitimate group.
Deviants because they face rejection by the larger society, need in-group unity as much if not more than conformists.
Deviants who leave a deviant group face rejection by...
both the members of the deviant group and the members of straight society
Deviants are usually loners and often have as much difficulty relating to one another as to the straight world.
Deviance which is normally condoned and supported by a group may be controlled or punished by that group when...
a member is publicly caught and may bring disgrace or criticism to the group
Deviant groups often enhance conformity by processes similar to those used by the armed services or other organizational settings that require strong group bonds.
Casey O’Kane did not join the Moonies because his normal, Christian middle class background and beliefs prevented him from being brainwashed.
“Sado Babes” showed us that these...
runaway youth provide each other with a lot of physical and emotional support and a group solution to common problems
When we think of deviance in symbolic mode, we have in mind the idea that deviance is...
a process
The idea that we can learn a set of roles well enough to stage presentation of self means that...
analysis of human interaction may be compared to the theater
An important process in the symbolic definition of who we are and what is expected of us is the idea of...
looking glass self
Labeling theory interprets deviance as a...
process of symbolic interaction
You have engaged in a minor law violation that no one sees. Your actions illustrate...
primary deviance
In the sequence of interaction leading to a deviant “master status” the final step involves...
acceptance of and adjustment to deviant social status by the deviant
Deviance can often be explained as conformity to illegitimate groups because...
-people need people
-groups serve as instruments of social control
-All groups satisfy at least some basic human needs
The article “The Cycle of Abstinence and Relapse Among Heroin Addicts” suggest that deviants who leave a deviant group experience...
rejection by the deviant group and straight society
Deviants must learn skills and techniques of deviance but more importantly, they must learn _______ and _______ which predispose them to deviance and make them want to act in a deviant manner.
motives and drives
According to differential association theory, what is NOT a factor in whether a person will accept or reject deviance?
Deviance, like anything else, is learned through communicating with others mostly in...
intimate groups
Rape is a sexual crime that is motivated primarily by passion or lust.
Socialization can predispose men towards rape by...
-equating sex with masculinity
-teaching women to be childlike and passive
-defining women as property
_______ is often a cause of wife-beating.
low self worth of husbands
The textbook’s discussion of child abuse stated that...
abusive parents often have very high standards for behavior and expect perfection and control of themselves and their family
Learning theorists think that deviance is mostly learned through the mass media such as rock songs and tv shows.
Parents who were abused as children may use their own abusive parents as role models if they have not learned any other strategies for conflict resolution, stress management, or discipline.
Young children are so charming and endearing that parents who are not psychologically disturbed would never think of doing something that might hurt their child.
Men who beat their wives often have an image that a man should be...
What is NOT a patriarchal value that supports partner abuse?
the wife should contribute as much financial support to the family as the husband