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Define informational influence.
Influence from others that it is motivated by the desire to be correct and obtain accurate information.
Define normative influence.
Influence from others that is motivated by the desire to gain the rewards or avoid punishment
Explain the socially constructed view of deviance.
Society defines what is deviant
What is considered deviant is subject to change
Explain the absolutist view of deviance.
Deviance is intrinsic to certain acts
What is considered deviant it is not subject to change
Group norms
Norms of a particular group that we are in at a particular time; soldier at to home - not acceptable to kill
Subcultural norms
Norms of a group that is larger than " group norms "; soldier in the military - acceptable to kill for a purpose
Societal norms
Norms of the society as a whole and of the dominant culture; killing is not acceptable