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Who said about what we share with chimps?
Premack and Woodruff, 1978
Who criticised this chimps having a theory of mind because they can deceive?
Dennett, 1978
Who constructed the false belief and deceptive box tasks?
Perner et al
Who came up with additional conditions for the Maxi task?
Wimmer and Perner, 1983
Who did a study with 2 dolls and a dominoes box?
Hogrene, Wimmer and Perner, 1986
Who said about beliefs and reality?
Frith and Frith, 2001
Who explains why there is this theory metaphor?
Gopnik and Wellman, 1994
Who did a meta-analysis of 178 studies and 591 manipulations of the test?
Wellman et al, 2001
Who did studies about family talk?
Dunn et al, 1999, Ashington and Jenkins, 1999, Moore, 1994.
Who studied children and their siblings?
Perner et al, 1994, Lewis et al, 1996, Ruffman et al, 1998, Cutting and Dunn, 1999
Who tested children for theory of mind after the strange situation?
Meins, 1997, Fonagy et al, 1997
Who did a longitudinal study on ‘mindmindedness’
Meins et al, 2002
Who did a study that linked different skills with different false beliefs?
Peskin and Ardino, 2003
Who did the hide and seek game, but in Greece?
Maridak-Kassotaki, Lewis and Freeman, 2003
Who described ‘infantile autism’?
Kanner (1943)
Who studied autism in 10000 London schoolchildren?
Wing and Gould, 1979
Whose was the triad of impairments?
Wing and Gauld’s (1979)
Who said that it is not a genetic disorder?
Bethlehem, 1967
Who said that there are 40% secure autistic children in the SS?
Rogers et al, 1991
Who said that the parents use clever strategies to form and maintain attachments with their autistic children?
Richer, 1978
Who said that autistic children can use sophisticated interaction with siblings, but this needs to be scaffolded in an enriched way?
Knott et al, 1995
Who did an experiment on children with autism and their symbolic skills?
Baron-Cohen et al, 1987
Who did a social inferencing study? E.g. false belief
Baren-Cohen et al, 1985
Who repeated Baron-Cohen’s experiment?
Jarrold et al, 1994
Who did an experiment to do with the language skills and false belief test?
Elsenmajor and Prior, 1991
Who tested domain specific skills?
Baron-Cohen and Ring, 1994
Who did the embedded figures test?
Shah and Frith, 1983
Who said why autistic children can extract a shape from a larger picture quicker than normal children?
Frith (1989)
Who said that the central coherance theory might play down the importance of social interactions in our understanding?
Hobson, 2002