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Erikson had what theory?
Psychosocial theory of development. 8 stages.
What were Erikson's 8 stages of psychosocial development?
Trust vs mistrust (0-1), autonomy vs shame/doubt (1-3), initiative vs guilt (3-6), industry vs inferiority (6-12), identity vs role confusion (12-19), intimacy vs isolation (19-25), generativity vs stagnation (25-50), ego integrity vs despair (50+).
What are object relations theories?
The idea that during the first three years of life, children progress through six stages. Autistic phase, symbiotic stage, separation-individuation phase, hatching subphase, rapprochement subphase, object constancy phase.
Bandura had two types of learning. What were they?
Modelling (directly reinforced behaviour) and imitation (vicarious reinforcement).
What were Piaget's four stages of development?
Sensorimotor (0-2), Preoperational (2-7), Concrete operational (7-11), formal operational (11+)
What are the three processes Piaget mentions?
Direct learning, social transmission and maturation.
Assimilation, accommodation and adaptation are what?
Forms of learning. You respond to something new (assimilation) and then accomodate that information by changing your previous knowledge. These two work together through adaptation. These are direct learning.
Information processing theories are concerned with what?
Focuses on the detailed processing steps of information in behaviour. Consider memory systems etc.
Bronfenbrenner's what theory?
Ecological theory. There is the microsystem (family, workplace, school), the mesosystem (their interactions), the exosystem (indirect factors) and the macrosystem (society).
Vygotsky's sociocultural theory. What the hell?
The zone of proximal development is the range of tasks children can't do alone. They need scaffolding!
Vaillant and Levinson had models for what?
Adult development.