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Sensorimotor Stage
Birth- 2years
perform "circular reactions": actions that produce pleasing consequences on own body .This is the period is characterized as presymbolic and preverbal. Intellectual development is dependent on action of the child's senses and response external stimuli. Child is engaged in action schemes such as grasping and reaching for distant objects. Characteristics include: reflex actions, play, imitation, object permanence, nonverbal.

set of basic concepts
Life span development takes a _________ approach.
A typical developmentalist specializes in two ways: in a topical area and within a specific __________ range.
physical development
development involving the brain, nervous system, muscles, senses, and the need for food, drink, and sleep
social development
D. the way in which individuals’ interactions with others and their relationships grow, change, and remain stable over the course of life
personality development
C. development involving the ways in which the enduring characteristics that differentiate one person from another change over the lifespan
The influence between parents and children is unidirectional
_______ is a biological concept, while __________ is a broader term referring to cultural background, nationality, religion, and language.
Correct Answer:
race, ethnicity
Sigmund Freud
D. psychoanalytic theory
John Watson
classical conditioning
B.F. Skinner
operant conditioning
Albert Bandura
social-cognitive learning theory
Carl Rogers
humanistic perspective
Konrad Lorenz
A dog is given food and begins to salivate when a bell rings. Soon, he begins to salivate just at the sound of the bell. This is an example of:
positive reinforcement
According to Albert Bandura __________ learning proceeds in four steps.