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Lift head when held at shoulder
0.1 month
Arm & leg thrusts in play
0.8 month
Head erect and steady
1.6 months
Turns from side to back
1.8 months
Sits with slight support
2.3 months
Turns from back to side
4.4 months
Sits alone momentarily
5.3 months
Reaches with one arm
5.4 months
Rolls from back to front
6.4 months
Sits alone steadily
6.6 months
Partial finger grasping
7.4 months
Pulls to stand
8.1 months
Stands up by furniture
8.6 months
Makes stepping movements
8.8 months
Walks with help
9.6 months
Stands alone
11.0 months
Walks alone
11.7 months