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When does emmetropization begin?
20 weeks
When does ATR disappear?
2 years
When do pursuits develop?
last at 3 months
Language, egocentricm conservation occurs at what stage?
Preoperational 2-7 yrs
infants show what abnormal preference in OKN?
Temporal to nasal

which years of critical period are the most important?
first 2 yrs
Do cortical cells receive equal innervation from eyes?
Ocular Dominance Columns
1= contra

2,3,5, 6= intermediate

4= binocular

7= ipsi
Neural activity strengthens synapses thus if neural activity is deprived...
other eye takes over because much stronger synapses
amblyopia is due to poor ____ development
Ansiometropic amblyopia is worse for
unnatural prolonged rotation if eye causes
strabismic amblyopia
why does amblyopia result in strabismic patient?
because info from turned eye is shut off so that there wont be diplopia
does strabismus lead to amblyopia in an alternating trope?
No because both eyes receive info at some points however pt not binocular thus poor stereo
20/20 is developed at
3-4 years of age
In presbyopes what type of phoria is increased?
Babies sit alone at
6 months
kids scribble at
2 yrs
kids can copy circles at
3 yrs
kids can copy cross at
4 yrs