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What is Stomodeum?
Space b/n the maxillary process and the mandibular prominence.
What are neural crest cells?
In a 3 week old embryo, the neural crest cells give rise to the connective tissues of the face, the also form the papilla of the enamel organ and the follicle.
What are Simonart's band?
During fusion of the max. process and the mand. prominence, if the growth of the processes if not sufficient and only the epithelial cells surfaces fuse, then an ineffectual band of tissue will connect the two processes.
What went wrong with a cleft palate patient?
The medial nasal process and the maxillary process never fused.
Where can you see the nasolacrimal groove?
In a 7 week old fetus, the space b/n the lateral nasal process and maxillary process.
What are the regions in the primary palate?
Fusion of the rt/lt maxillary process. Consist of the Prolabium (PL), Premaxilla (PM),
Median palatal triangular (MPT)
What are the regions in the maxillary process?
Vestibule (V), Septum (S), and primative choanae (PC)
Where do you find palatal shelves?
maxillary process.
see (slide 19 of 38)
The tongue could block these regions.
What is the copula?
Found on the tongue with the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Brachial Arches.
What happens in the ninth week of development?
the neck elongates, allowing it to flex, and the arch of the mandible to widen. This permits the tongue to drop within the arch of the lower jaw and lets the palatine processes rise up to a horizontal position.
What happens in the seventh week of development?
Fusion of the prolabium and premaxilla (primary palate) with the maxillary process.
What happens in the 12th week?
Fusion of the uvula.
Completion of the secondary palatal fusion.
What is the size of the embryo at 6th week?
12mm embryo
What is the size of a 3 month fetus?