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primordial germ cells
start in yolk sac, move through dorsal mesentery to posterior body wall (5th week) arrive at T10 vertebral level. induce coloemic epithelium to form sex chords.
genital ridge
sex cords + germ cells, borders mesenepheros.

sex cords surround germ cells-- become ovarian follicle in female, sertoli cells in male

sex cords and germ cells required for maturation
mesonepheric duct
connects to urogenital sinus, runs medial to paramesonephric duct
paramesonepheric duct
runs lateral to mesonepheric duct, descends to more caudal location on urogenital sinus
indifferent stage
1st six weeks
-medually and cortical sex cords
-germ cells
-mesonepheric and paramesonephric ducts