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How do you get a lateral facial cleft?
Mandibular and maxillary prominences fail to merge correctly on the same side
how do you get a median cleft of the lower jaw?
mandtibular promiences fail to fuse completely
How do you get a bifid nose?
failure of the medial nasal promiences to merge in the midline
the lateral palatine processes fail to fuse w/ each other, the nasal septum and the median palatine process results in what?
cleft of primary palate
the lateral processes fail to fuse with each other and with the nasal septum results in what?
Cleft of secondary palate
Derivatives of arch 1 give you?
1. trigeminal nerve
2. masstication muscles
3.malleus & incus
4.maxillar art & ext. carotid
derivatives of arch 2 give you?
1. facial nerve
2.facial expression
3. stapes
derivatives of arch 3 give you?
1. glossopharyngeal nerve
3.common carotid art
derivatives of arch 4 give you?
1. vagus nerve
2. thyroid & artynoid
3. arch of aorta & subclavian
derivatives of arch 6 give you?
1. recurrent laryngeal
3. pulmonary artery
when the 3rd & 4th pharyngeal pouches fail to give rise to the thymus and parathyroid gland is called?
Congenital thymic aplasia and absence of the parathyroid gland
when the the thymus fails to descent into the ant and sup mediastinum from the 3rd pharyngeal pouch is called?
Cervical thymus and accessory thymic tissye
Result either becayse the glands fail to migrate or b/c they migrate too far
Ectopic & varitions in the # of parathyroid glands
These cysts leave bulges in the anterior midline of the neck. They can become infected and form sinus
Thyroglossal duct cysts and sinuses
results from either a failure of the gland to descend so that it remains with the tongue or from a partial descent placing the galnd near the hyoid bone
extopic thyroid gland and accessory thyroid tissue
How do you get a cleft or bifid tongue?
results when the lateral tongue buds fail to fuse properly in the midline
What gives rise to the endolymphatic duct and the semicircular ducts?
What gives rise to the maculus sacculi, cochlea, organ of corti?
Middle ear is derived from what pouch?
the first pharyngeal pouch
What makes the tympanic mmbrn?
The 1st groove and pouch ...Mesoderm moves inbetween these two epithelial layers to give rise to the fibrous element
Auricle arise from?
6 mesodermal swellings of the 1st and 2nd pharyngeal arch
The optic cup gives rise to what?
1. neural retina
2. iris
3. pigmented retina
4. ciliary process
dvlpmntlly how can u get a congenital cataract?
if schlera venous sinus fails to form
What results from incomplete division of the respiratory and digestive portions of the larngotracheal groove?
A tracheosophageal fistula
What causes stenosis or atrasia of esophagus/trachea?
1. unequal partitioning of the groove leaving the esophagus small (stenotic) or closed (artetic)
2. failure of esophagus to become recanalized after normal obliteration of its lumen by the endodermal cells
what results from dilation of the terminal or larger bronchioles into large saccules
congenital cysts of the resp. tract
What is the coronary sinus made from?
the lft sinai horn
what is excessive reabsorption of septum1?
Foramen secundum defects
What 4 things are associated with tricuspid atresia?
This defect is always associtaed with a patent foramen ovale, ventricular septal defect, underdeveloped rt ventricle and a hypertrophied lft ventricle
What is the failure of the prox. trunco-bulbar ridges and endocardial cushions to fuse called?
Mmbrns septal defects
What is unequal partitioning of trnco-bulbar area and faulure of the mmbrns part of the interventricular septum to close?
Tetratolgy of fallot
What is failure of trunco-bulbar ridges to spiral as they form?
Transposition of the great vessels
What is it called when the rt 4th arch and rt dorsal aorta invulute abnormally cranial to the 7th rt intersegmental artery?
Retroesophageal rt subclavian art
What do the following give rise to:
1. Common cardinal vein
2. Subcardinal vein
3. Supracardinal vein
4. Sacrocardinal vein
5. Anterior cardinal vein
6. vitelline vein
1. SVC
2.Renal veins
3.Azygos & hemiazygos
4.IVC & iliac
5.Brachiocephalic vein
6. portal vein
whats it called when the anastomosis btwn the 2 anterior cardinal vein does not occur?
Double superior vena cava
what is congenital eventration of diaphragm?
results when the muscle tissue from the body wall fails to migrate into the developing diaphargm
What do the following openings in the diaphragm transmit?
1. vena cava foramen
2.esophageal hiatus
3. aortic hiatus
1. inf. vena cava, phrenic
2. esophagus and vagal nerve trunk
3. aorta, thoracic duct