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3 Ballet Styles/Characters
-Danse Noble
Danse Noble
-Dignified characters
-Heroes from history or mythology
-The prince, queen, or cavalier
-Livelier & more extroverted
-Technically more agile
-Everyday people & lesser Gods
-Ladies in waiting
-Prince's escorts
-Comic or rustic roles
-Such as:
.Trepak in "Nutcracker"
-Legs rotate outward from hips
-Feet & knees face to side
-Theatrical adaptation of fencer's stance
-3 purposes:
.maximum base for better balance
.increased flexibility & strength
.permits body to open outward toward audience
-Technique must be developed slowly
-Early turnout was only 90-110 degrees
-Today desired turnout is 180 degrees
Five Positions
-5 fundamental positions of the feet (c.1700)
-Developed & introduced by Pierre Beauchamps
-Positions are 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th
-Por de Bras (carriage of the arms)
Pas de Deux
-Pas de Deux-duet between man & woman
-Early involved only prima ballerina & premier danseur
-Later Pas de Deux sometimes staged for secondary dancers
-Choreographic Phenomenon in XVII & XVIII
-Reached highest plateau in XIX as Grand Pas de Deux
Grand Pas de Deux
-Developed into art from - mid XIX
-Always staged Grand Pas de Deux near end of each ballet
-Format of Grand Pas de Deux:
.ENTREE:imposing entrance of stars
.ADAGIO:lyrical & sustained movements
*solos for the cavalier(brio)
*solos for the ballerina (brio)
.CODA:re-uniting stars in flashy steps