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Dracula traditionally feasts on the blood of his victims by biting them where?
What classic toy’s name was inspired by the fabled childhood home of a former US president?
Lincoln Logs
What iconic movie hero's agent number, 007, indicates he has a license to kill?
James Bond
In the U.S., 8 1/2 x 11 inches is a standard size for a what?
Sheet of paper
To the extend the Christmas shopping season, FDR made the unpopular decision to hold what holiday a week earlier in 1939?
Classic TV ads from Heinz reminded consumers that "the best things come to those who wait" for what slow-moving condiment?
In which of these games do players typically carry short, stubby pencils with them to record their scores?
Miniature golf
Which of these animals produces high-pitched sounds by releasing air through its blowhole?
To encourage the settling of the American frontier, 19th century journalist Horace Greeley favored what famous advice?
Go West, young man
Mischievous "tricks" involving shaving cream and toilet paper often surround the celebration of what holiday?
A common piece of safety advice encourages people to do what if their clothes catch fire?
Stop, drop and roll
In which of these games do players guess letters one by one in an attempt to identify a word?
As its name suggests, the gritty 2006 war documentary "Baghdad ER" primarily takes place in what setting?
Army hospital
Anheuser-Busch's "Know When to Say When" campaign warned the public about the dangers of what?
Drinking too much
At the 2005 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, what "big" fruit appeared on a float celebrating the best of NYC?
Which of these parts of a car is also called “the accelerator”?
Gas pedal
On forms, what capital letter commonly marks the line where a signature is required?
At 429 feet high, the First Hawaiian Center is the tallest building in what US state capital?
Useful for small cleanup jobs, electric brooms perform the same function as what larger appliance?
Vacuum cleaner
Which of these fantastical creatures is a popular symbol of St. Patrick's Day?
Featured on "Sesame Street," the Muppet trio The Oinker Sisters are what type of animals?
Which of these US cities is served by an international airport boasting more than 1,000 slot machines?
Las Vegas
Mt. S. Wilma is one of the attractions at Bedrock City, a south Dakota theme park based on what animated TV show?
The Flintstones
The student with the highest GPA is his graduating class is traditionally given what title?
What insect is named for the "religious" pose that it strikes as it waits to capture its prey?
Praying mantis
The solemn phrase "ashes to ashes, dust to dust" is traditionally heard at what type of ceremony?
In the nursery rhyme "Mary Had a Little Lamb," what phrase is used to describe the lamb's fleece?
White as snow
"Pick up the rope!," Take the strain!" and "Pull!" are three commands traditionally given at what type of competition?
Tug of war
On the surface of water, which of these liquids forms a floating layer often called a slick?
Measuring 1/8 of an inch long, pavement ants are so-named for their habit of nesting where?
Under sidewalks
What two-letter phrase do people often exclaim when they’ve detected a bad smell?
Which of these industrial vehicles takes its name from the two-pronged platform it uses to lift and carry heavy loads?
Students who get good grades are often accused by their classmates of "ruining the" what?
For over twenty years, Frank Perdue was associated with the motto, "It takes a tough man to make a tender" what?
According to a common expression, "curiosity killed" what unfortunate creature?
The cat
In 2006, which of these coins cost the U.S. Mint about 1.23 cents to produce, more than it is actually worth?
Grey's Anatomy is an indispensable textbook for people in what profession?
In 1993, Ty Warner launched a collectibles craze with a line of stuffed toys called "Beanie" what?
Which of these popular breakfast cereals consists of bits of cereal shaped in 26 different ways?
Aviator sunglasses were developed in the 1930s to reduce glare for people with what job?
A popular phrase used to grade someone's performance involves giving an "E for" what?
Room service is an amenity commonly available to patrons of what?
Used to generate energy and reduce utility bills, solar panels are usually installed where on the house?
On the roof
In 2005, a small business in Oregon names "Sambucks" lost a lawsuit to an international chain that famously sells what?
Which of these long-running advertising mascots is known for his bald head and gold hoop earring?
Mr. Clean
Which of these phrases is commonly used to describe the sound that scissors make?
Snip snip
"Tuxedo cat" is an affectionate term for a cat that has what color fur?
Black and white
During the mid-1800's, thousands of prospectors called "forty-niners" flocked to what state to hunt for gold?
In the U.S., which of these professionals may claim exemption from Social security taxation based on "religious principles"?
What cartoon dad typically powers his prehistoric car with his own two feet?
Fred Flintstone
The 2006 book "Horsemen of the Esophagus" focuses on what type of competitions?
Eating contests
The adjective "serpentine" is used to describe movement characteristic of what animal?
The movie "102 Dalmatians" has how many more dalmatians in its title than the original 1961 classic?
What type of animal is the aptly-named Looney Tunes character Hippety Hopper?
In 2006, what type of birds were transported back to Antarctica after they floated on ice floes to Rio de Janeiro?
By definition a corral is an enclosure used to confine which of these animals?
In a beloved children's story, what fictional character's mother is tragically killed by a deer hunter?
Which of these brands offers its traditional snack product in "Movie Theater Butter" and "Smart Pop!" varieties?
Orville Redenbacher's
According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the multi-billion dollar "Back-to-School" shopping period occurs in what month?
Measuring over a foot thick in some species, blubber is an insulating layer of fat found in which of these animals?
Sportscaster Andres Cantor pioneered the famous cry of "GOOOOLLL!" often heard during broadcats of what sport?
What type of animal is the animated character Ruff Ruffman, the host of the new PBS kids show "FETCH"?
Spider-Ham, aka Peter Porker, was a 1980s comic book hero who was half spider and half what?
Fly Rod & Reel magazine is a publication aimed at enthusiasts of what sport?
Which of these sports terms shares its name with a verb meaning "to put up a tent"?
Which of these jobs rarely lasts for the full calendar year due to "seasonal unemployment"?
Ski instructor
A common social organization on college campuses, a "sorority" takes its name from the Latin word for what?
What type of farm animal has a smallish "potbellied" breed that are often raised as household pets?
On his classic TV and radio series, the Lone Ranger's heroics repeatedly prompted what question from onlookers?
Who was that masked man?
Which of these adjectives best describes a punishment referred to as a "slap on the wrist"?
What utensils are often "played" as musical instruments by slapping them back-to-back between the thigh and the palm?
The metallic element platinum is often used as an adjective to describe what color hair?
The chorus of a hit 2000 Sisq— song features what fashion-inspired lyric?
Thong th-thong thong thong
In a famous series of computer ads, what casual form of address preceded the statement "You're getting a Dell!"?
What '80s movie features the memorable question, "Are you telling me that you built a time machine out of a DeLorean?"
Back to the Future
Which of these movies is set 20,000 years ago?
Ice Age
On their original TV series what animated characters are referred to as "heroes in the half shell"?
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
In the 2006 satire "Thank You For Smoking," the main character is a lobbyist for what industry?
At the height of its popularity, what TV show received about 2,000 VHS tapes a day from viewers?
America's Funniest Home Videos
How many balloons, or "luftballons," are there in the title of a 1984 song by one-hit-wonder Nena?
On "Sesame Street," what type of animal is the Muppet character Baabaa Walters?
What chemical is commonly used to neutralize microorganisms in swimming pools?
Which of these classic Peanuts TV specials traditionally airs earliest in the calendar year?
Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown
Often seen on Southern U.S. menus, "flounder fingers" is an appetizer better recognized by what name?
Fish sticks
American runs on Dunkin is the slogan of a popular food chain known for selling what?
Often used in thermometers, what chemical element's name is also the name of a planet in our solar system?
Which of these movie heroes is often referred to by the nickname "the webslingler"?
What billiards term is used as a synonym fot the word "bald"?
Cue ball
As of 2006, what is the only U.S. state that has never recorded a temperature below zero degrees Fahrenheit?
What "Newman's Own" product has a label depicting Paul Newman with bull's horns sticking out of his head?
Steak sauce
By definition, a "gabfest" is an informal gathering at which people engage in what activity?
A person who gets something exactly right is said to have "hit the nail on the" what?
What Elton John hit recounts the lonely experiences of a man in outer space?
Rocket Man
In 2006, Ringling Brothers and Barnum& Bailey Circus introduced a new show without its three what?
Approximately 60 million boxes of Stove Top stuffing are sold each year for what holiday?
A skill that is never forgotten once it has been learned is often compared to riding a what?
An accidental and typically harmless mistake made while speaking is said to be a "slip of the" what?
Introduced in 1919, KitchenAid is a popular brand of home appliances used primarily for what purpose?
Preparing meals
Many colleges require students to complement their major with a secondary field of study called a what?
Which of these punctuation marks is sometimes referred to as a "full stop"?
Bark Jacobs, Vera Wag and Dolce & Grrbana are part of a "fashionable" line of pet toys geared towards what animals?
Traditionally, the NFL's Super Bowl is held on what day of the week?
According to a good-natured stereotype, which of these junk foods is a favorite snack of police officers?
Improved Explosive Compound was the patent name for what 19th-century invention?
A road sign depicting two children on a seesaw alerts drivers that what lies ahead?
In 1972, Houston businessman George Ballas invented the Weed Eater for hard-to-reach areas of what chore?
Mowing a lawn
By definition, a public defender is what type of professional?
What Disney movie's title character wears a bikini top consisting of two strategically-placed seashells?
The Little Mermaid
Measuring up to two meters in length, the African variety of what mammal has the largest ears in the animal kingdom?
Hard-hat is a common slang term for what type of worker?
Construction worker
A popular children's party at which the guests sleep over is named after what article of clothing?
By definition, which of the following days of the week is not considered a "weekday"?
What historic US building has exclusive elevators marked "Senators Only"?
Ax Throw, Hot Saw and Men's and Women's logrolling are three events at an annual competition named for whom?
Which of these questions is the inspiration for a slang term meaning "detective story"?
Who done it?
Which of the following critters is, by definition, an albino animal?
White rat
What household appliance was first patented in 1869 under the name "sweeping-machine"?
Vacuum cleaner
In the media, what country is often referred to as our "neighbor to the north"?
What roadside establishment commonly posts a sign that reads either "Vacany" or "No Vacancy"?
In 2006, 12 people hung upside-down for almost an hour when what type of ride broke down at an Indiana amusement park?
Roller coaster
Toodle-oo is a fancy word that has the same meaning as what?
Good bye
What traditional fashion accessory is typically either pinned on clothing or worn on the wrist?
The world-famous Museum of the Moving Image honors achievement in which of these fields?
Which of these classic oldies features two noble titles in its name?
Duke of Earl
Which of these agricultural terms is a common slang word for an unsophisticated country dweller?
The phrase "Bachelor of Arts" commonly appears on which of these documents?
Baby kisser is a label often given to what type of professional?
What university's football team plays its home games in an arena named Aloha Stadium?
University of Hawaii
A small, out-of-the-way place is often described as a "hole in the" what?
What word is usually used to describe a healthy diet containing proper amounts of vitamins, minerals and nutrients?
What type of transportation is the subject of the classic song "Chattanooga Choo Choo"?
When something completes a cycle it is said to have "come full" what?
What popular board game bills itself as "The classic naval combat game"?
When used as a verb, the name of which of these tools means "to dismiss from a job"?
"How can I properly size myself for a bra?" is one of the FAQs listed on what brand's Web site?
Victoria's Secret
Often located in rural areas, "cow colleges" are schools that specialize in what field of study?
Equipped with a pink steering wheel, the Dodge LaFemme was a 1950s automobile specifically marketed to whom?
What animal name often follows the jubilant expression "hot diggety"?
What punctuation mark is commonly used to introduce a list of items?
In most states a teenager must apply to receive a learner's permit before receiving what?
On its packaging, which of these brands gives directions to pour its contents into a bathtub?
Mr. Bubble
Fittingly, police officers often use the term "bracelets" to refer to what?
What popular brand was developed in the 1950s by a man who used his grandchildren as test subjects?
Famously recorded by Louis Armstrong in 1938, a classic jazz standard is titled "When the Saints" do what?
Go Marching In
Native to Tanzania, the pancake tortoise gets it name because it has what distinct physical characteristic?
Flat shell
What type of ant is so-named because its venom induces a painful, burning sensation?
Fire ant
Which of these male names is also a noun meaning "a small cut"?
Desertion is a crime if a person abandons his duties while serving in which of these organizations?
Which of these natural occurrences is sometimes referred to as a "cloudburst"?
An expressway in what U.S. city has a sign that reads "Leaving Brooklyn Ð Fugheddaboudit!"?
New York City
In 2005, what brand introduced the Mega Roll, a roll of toilet paper four times the normal size?
As its name suggests, Ty-D-Bol is a household product that helps keep what part of a house clean?
What historic woman is often referred to by the nickname "Queen of the Nile"?
As their name suggests, stink bugs are known to keep predators at bay by doing what?
Exude a bad smell
Popular during the '50s, sock hops were dances where attendees often removed what?
Which of these adjectives describes a person who is willing and eager to accept challenges?
Born in 1994, the popular Beanie Baby named "Quackers" is what type of animal?
A species of jellyfish found in many of the world's oceans, the egg-yolk jelly is what color at it center?
According to Aquafresh, what should a person do for two minutes or more after meals and again before bed?
Brush one's teeth
On its Web site, what company reports that there are 216 noodles in an average can of its Chicken Noodle Soup?
Perhaps inspired by his days at Harvard Medical School, author Michael Crichton is the creator of what TV series?
Elizabeth Goose, whose grave is a popular Boston tourist attraction, is, as legend has it, the author of many famous what?
Nursery rhymes
Which of the following tools requires a flammable gas to operate?
Some types of lettuce are sold in a bundle of tightly overlapped leaves called a what?
The nighttime howls of what Western US animal are usually directed at each other and not, as believed, at the moon?
In the arts, the adjective "off-Broadway" usually describes an experimental or low-budget type of what?
Theatrical work
Since the 1950s, the logo for what brand name has featured a small dog tugging at the back of a girl's swimsuit?
The terms "twang" and "drawl" are often used to describe peculiarities in the way a person does what?
Every bill of U.S. currency features the signature of the secretary of what government department?
Which of the following phrases describes a criminal who has not yet been captured?
At large
The Nile River is referenced in the lyrics of which of these popular '80s songs?
Walk Like An Egyptian
Someone who is harrassing you in a joking manner is said to be "busting your" what?
In the 90s, many people wrongly predicted that a catastrophic "Y2K problem" would arise in what year?
What professionals employ ladders and hoses in an on-the-job technique known as "surround and drown"?
Which of these 2006 movies was filmed on location at Versailles?
Marie Antoinette
What classic Disney animated movie features the line, "The humans have tried everything. Now it's up to us dogs"?
101 Dalmatians
In "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure," what historical figure does Ted refer to as a "very excellent barbarian"?
Genghis Khan
Ray Parker, Jr. repeatedly asks "Who you gonna call?" in the title song from what 1980s movie?
In the 2004 romantic comedy "Wimbledon" love blossoms for two professionals in what sport?
A "pledge" is a common name for a student attempting to join which of these college organizations?
The term "hand-me-down" most often refers to what type of used and discarded possession?
Article of clothing
Which of the world's countries comes first alphabetically?
Which of these materials is commonly used to make a noose?
The town of Paris TN fittingly has a 65-foot tall replica of what famous structure?
Eiffel Tower
By definition, a cuckoo clock marks the passage of time with a sound resembling the distinctive call of a what?
What anatomical word is commonly used to refer to a cob of corn with the kernels still attached?
To perform CPR correctly, what body part should a person pinch while giving mouth-to-mouth?
Feisty rappers Cheryl James, Sandy Denton and Deidre Roper are better known as the girl group "Salt-NÑ" what?
The phrase "out cold" is commonly used to describe someone who is what?
Each trading day, the ringing of a bell marks the opening of business at what New York City landmark?
New York Stock Exchange
At many state universities, which of these events commonly coincides with Homecoming weekend?
Football game
Which of these popular TV shows is a type of "whodunit"?
A wok is a large, bowl-shaped cooking pan traditionally used to prepare what type of cuisine?
In 2006, Pete Rose made headlines for signing autographs with the incriminating words "I'm sorry I bet on" what?
By definition, if you are shadowing someone, what are you doing?
Following him