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Frankish leader who united western Europe which had been w/o strong leadership as a result of the fall of the Roman Empire. Converted the entirety of Western Europe to Christianity. Crowned Roman Emporer by Pope Leo III on Christmas dayin 800 ce
Architectural style that extends in time from the late 8th Cen into the 10th cen. and in space through those countries which formed part of France, Germany, and the Netherlands
Elaborated western end of a Carolingian and German Romanesque churches, which consistaed of western transept arms and towers, a low entrance hall, and an upper room open to the nave
Architecural style of the High Middle ages in Europe characterized by use of Roman architectrual forms
English Romanesque style of the 11th and 12th Cen.
Earliest of the periods of English Gothic arch n the 13th cen.
Early English
One of a group of chapels in a gothic church arranged around the curved ambulatory of the chancel or chevet and seeming to radiate out from the choir
Radiating Chapels
a semicircular or polygonal aisle enclosed an apse or a straight ended sanctuary; originally used for processional purposes
A semicircular arch
Roman arch
a series of arches within a wall framing a recessed flat panel, not an opening; used ornamentally to vary a plain expanse of masonry or to decrease the dead weight of a wall. Often found in Romanesque and Gothic buildings
Blind Arcade
a small, relatively ting adn greatly elongated column often used for decoration or to support an arcade in romansque and gothic arch
A mass of masonry or brickwork projecting from or built against a wall to give additional strength, usually to counteract the lateral thrust of an arch, roof or vault
a parapet with alternating indentations or embrasures and raised portions or merlons. also know as a battlement
a parapet with alternation indentations or embrasures and raised portions or merlons. Also known as crenellation
a low wall, sometimes battlemented or crenellated, placed to protect any spot where there is a sudden drop, for exampleat the edge of a bridge, quay or house-top