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One of the most important aspects of line is _____.
In design, an element that has no dimensions, no height and no width is called a _____.
A point in motion which is capable of infinite variety is called a _____.
Shapes which are bounded or bordered by line are called _____ shapes.
The viewer's eye tends to follow what in a picture or composition?
What type of line implies quiet and repose and sleep?
horizontal line
What type of line implies strong, action and stability?
vertical line
What type of line implies movement?
diagonal line
_____ is used to define the outside of the form.
contour line
In _____ drawing describing the shape is less important then showing the dynamics or action of a pose.
Crisscrossed lines often used for shading are called _____.
A type of line in painting that emphasizes the edges is called _____.
explicit line
_____ painting is distinguished by the clarity of line; an emphasis on edges creates explicit lines.
Any one of a number of characteristics of line determined by its weight, direction, uniformity or other features are called _____.
line quality
When one part of the body is revealed by sharp contour, but the edge then disappears into a mysterious darkness, it is referred to as _____.
lost and found contour
An Example of lost and found contour is exemplified by _____ technique.
_____ is the name of an artistic style that sought to recreate the artist's perception of the changing quality of light and color in nature.
What is the vocabulary word for "to plan?"
What is the term for the process that Graphic Designers and Artists use to create art?
the design process
Subject matter, story, or info that the artwork tries to communicate, or what the artist wants to say is referred to as the _____ of a piece.
The purely visual aspect of a picture or how the artist says it is referred to as the _____.
What an artist is attempting to achieve with a design is called the _____.
Examples of a design's _____ include illustration, abstract, nonobjective, etc...
Examples of a design's _____ include size, color, medium, etc...
physical limitations
When a design must it be finished is referred to as the _____.
time limit
The people that you are trying to reach with your design are referred to as the _____.
target audience
What you want your audience to feel when viewing your design is referred to as the _____.
Finish this quote: "Form follows _____."
The _____ is the stimulus for the image or idea.
A branch of philosophy concerned with the beautiful in art and how it is experienced by the viewer is referred to as _____.