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Crenated cells or echinocytes
Type I
-numerous small thorny projections
-produced by lysins, sphering agents or ph increase
Crenated cells or echinocytes
Type II
-symmetrical heavy coarse scalloped edges
Teardrop cells
-only one spicule
-myelofibrosis,myelopoiesis, cancer with bone metastasis,anemia
Burr cells (horn)
-mature red cells with central pallor, normal size, spiny projections
-uremia, bleeding ulcer, heart valve replacement
Spur cells (spike)
-spherocytes with irregular spaced filaments
Fragmented cells/schistocytes
-sm pieces of whole cells, cells smaller than one half of normal size (helmet,star,triangle shapes)
-caused by mechanical/chemical disruption, hemolyitc anemia, DIC
Pyknocytes (thick or compacted)
-acanthocytes and burr cell formations
-new born infants