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the default setting is for a new excel workbook to contain ___ worksheets
a. none
b. four
c. three
d. two
new rows are inserted ___ the selected row and existing rows shift accordingly.
a. above
b. below
c. to the left of
d. to the right of
a useful tool in locating a match and replacing it with a replacement value of your choice is called
a. find and replace
b. value search
c. data sort
d. data analysis
to simultaneously close your workbook and the excel program click___ from the office menu
a. exit excel
b. minimize
c. close
d. end
the___ are the values that an excel function uses to perform calculations or operations
a. formulas
b. arguments
c. criteria
d. numbers
the intersection of a column and row is called
a. grid
b. field
c. box
d. cell
in a line chart, ___ is (are) displayed along the bottom axis
a. data point values
b. the legend
c. time
d. distance
the keyboard shortcut for the autosum feature is
a. [tab] +[=]
b. [ctrl]+ [=]
c. [alt] +[=]
d. [shift] +[=]
A___will display to indicate a cell contains an error message.
a. moving border around cell
b. blue outline around cell
c. green triangle in upper left corner of cell
d. red square in lower right corner of cell
A____ surrounds the selected range to be copied
a. solid border border
c. blue border
d. moving border
you can remove the contents of a cell by clicking the 'clear' button and choosing ___ from the editing group on the ribbon.
a. filter
b. clear contents
c. delete
d. fill
excel's prewritten formulas are called
a. functions
b. commands
c. calculations
d. summations
the keyboard shortcut to view print preview
a. [f2]
b. [ctrl]+[f1]
c. [ ctrl] +[f2]
d. [f1]
the___feature can generate a series of values into adjacent cells based on the value of other cells
a. autoformat
b. autocorrect
c. autocomplete
d. autofill
the___is the target destination for data that has been cut or copied using the office clipboard
a. add content area
b. paste area
c. insert field area
d. copy ares
to reopen a workbook once excel is opened, you can check the___ from the office menu to see if the file is there and click on it
a. recent documents
b. work history
c. former spreadsheets
d. track previous
___is the process of changing the appearance of cells and the overall layout of the worksheet.
b. editing
c. justifying
d. printing
you can use the auto fill feature to continue a series for any pattern that is established with___ cells.
a. 6 or more
b. 5 or more
c. 1 or more
d. 2 or more
___ is used to copy the formatting of one cell to other cells
a. fill color
b. autofit
c. format painter
d. format theme
use the___ command to display text on two lines within a cell.
a. insert row
b. align text
c. merge and center
d. wrap text
pressing___ pastes the text and removes it from the office clipboard
a. enter
b. copy button
c. tab
d. paste button
in performing calculations, ___ are processed first
a. expressions within parentheses
b. multiplication and division
c. comparison operators
d. addition and subtraction
___ refers to a cell maintaining the formatting of the number typed in the cell even when you delete the number and replace it with another number
a. direct formatting
b. format recognition
c. auto format
d. format as you type
to specify ranges of cells that are nonadjacent, separate the ranges with a
a. colon
b. semi-colon
c. comma
d. bracket
to create a pie chart, you must select ___ range(s) of data
a. one
b. four
c. three
d. two
the format cells dialog box is displayed by
a. double-clicking over selected cells and selecting format cells from the shortcut menu
b. clicking on the format cells button on the ribbon
c. right clicking over the selected cells and selecting format cells from the shortcut menu
d. clicking on the format cells button in the format group