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Deep and opportunistic affect the internal organs and the dermis
Superficial affects the stratum corneum, hair and nails
Yeast examples
Candida albicans, pityrosporum ovale/orbicularis, malassezia furfur
Superficial fungal infections
invade stratum corneum, hair and nails
Subcutaneus fungal infections
involve dermis or subcutaneous tissue, often due to implantation
Systemic fingal infections
Dermal or subcutaneous involvement
Deep (true pathogens)
Opportunistic - immunocompromised host
Tinea unguium affects
tinea cruris affects
Tinea corporis affects
tinea manuum affects
tinea barbae affects
tinea facici affects
tinea capitis affects
scalp hair/head
Tinea Pedis - what is it, how does it present?
Athletes foot
dry, pruritic, scaling between the toes (4th & 5th)
What is macerated tinea pedis?
white, soggy between 4th and 5th toes
What is moccasin tinea pedis
erythema, fine scaling over the entire sole of the foot
What is inflammatory tinea pedis
pruritic vesicles and blisters, usually the plantar instep
Dry tinea pedis treatment
topical anitfungal
Macerated tinea pedis
Aluminum chloride, systemic and topical antifungal
Tinea Unguium - Characteristics
Onychomycosis (nail bed infection). If isolated nail, think trauma
Will be seen with toenail and plantar foot involvement
"two hand, one foot disease"
Tinea Unguium - Clinical presentation
Onycholysis (separation of nail plate from nail bed), crumbled nail plate, subungual debris, crumbled nail plate
Tinea Unguium - Three types
distal subungual - most common
proximal subungual - direct invasion under the proximal nail fold (immunocompromised host)
White superficial - direct invasion into the superficial nail plate
Tinea Unguium - Treatment
Topicals not effective, requires systemic antifungal
Tinea manuum - clinical presenations
erythema and fine scale
usually one hand two feet, if feet not involved, rethink dx
fingernails of affected hand should not be involved
Tinea manuum - treatment
topical if only skin involved
systemic if nails involved
Tinea cruris - clinical presentation
Jock Itch
Inguinal crease and upper, inner thigh, does NOT involve penis or scrotum (distinguishes it from candida)
Rare in women
Tinea cruris - Treatment
topical until clear
also threat feet
if toenails involved, use a systemic
Tinea corporis - Clinical presentation
Annular patch with distinctive raised red scaling, snake-like border, clearing areas in the center
Tinea corporis - most common organism
Trichophyton tonsurans
Fungal infections - KOH?
"if it scales, scrape it"
Tinea Corporis - treatment
if superficial - topical
if majocchi's granuloma - systemic rqrd
Tinea corporis - majocchi's granuloma
appears inflammed
raised, red plaque studded with perifollicular pustules
distal 1/3 posterior leg in women with tinea pedis, rare in men