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Pemiphigus Vulgaris- definition?
autoimmune disease of skin / mucous membranes-- fatal if not treated (due to starvation)
Pemiphigus vulgaris- demographic?
40 - 60 y/o
pemiphigus vulgaris- exam findings?
-NIKOLSKY'S SIGN (pressure on bulla leads to lateral extension of blister)
-IgG autoantibodies detected by immunoflourescence
pemiphigus vulgaris- treatment?
immunosuppressive agents
Bullous pemphigoid- definition?
autoimmune disease causing bullous eruption
bullous pemphigoid- demographics?
60-80 y/o, prodromal eruption
bullous pemphigoid- exam findings?
uticarial type lesions
less common/painful than pemphigus vulgaris
bullous pemphigoid- prognosis and tx?
systemic prednisone (a corticosteroid)
Dermatitis herpetiformis- definition?
recurrent, symmetric pruritic eruption on extensors w/ 3 types of lesions-- vesicles, papules, wheals----assoc. w/ GLUTEN
dermatitis herpetiformis- demographics?
males, 30-40 y/o, maybe from ingestion of iodides and gluten, intense pruritus may precede lesions by 8-12 hours
dermatitis herpetiformis- exam findings?
-erythematous papules; tiny firm-topped vesicles, uticarial wheals on extensor areas
-HLA B8 / DR3
-anemia 2nd to iron or folate deficiency
dermatitis herpetiformis- tx?
gluten free diet, medication