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What is a Cluster of furuncles?
Cluster of furuncles w/subcutaneous spread of staphylococcal infection, resulting in deep suppuration, often extensive local sloughing, slow healing & a lg scar.
Hair pulling
Alopecia Areata
Auto immune activity against hair follicle
TX: diluted triamcinolone acetonide suspension can be injected intradermally if lesions are small, results may be temporary.
Pathogenesis of Actinic Keratosis?
Cumulative damage to keratinocytes, UVR & UVB
What does Actinic Keratosis look like?
Adherent hyperkeratotic scale, scale removed w/difficulty or pain, may be papular, skin colored or yellow brown tinge, rough (better felt than seen)
Actinic Keratosis RX
5-flourouriacil (5-FU) applied bid for 3-4 weeks until lesions slough off (looks unpleasant at first, works great), Chronic use of topical retinoids (Retin A), Trichloroacetic acid face peel, laser resurfacing.
Location of Basal cell carcinoma?
Sun exposed areas; scalp, ears, lips, nose, forehead, inner canthus of the eye.
Where do mets occur w/Basal Cell Carcinoma
Places w/hair;
Vermillion border
What does Basal Cell Carcinoma look like?
papule or nodule, translucent or "pearly", skin colored w/telangiectasia.
What do you look for w/Basal Cell Carcinoma?
Bumps, patches scabbed lesion, eyelid margins (can be invasive), medial canthi, Nose & alar folds (can be invasive), lips, behind ears.
What does Basal Cell Carcinoma look like?
may be covered w/crust, rolled border rodent ulcer, translucent, pearly smooth w/ telangiectasia
What does Basal Cell Carcinoma look like?
Small patch of superficial scar, ill defined, skincolored, whitish or stroma extends far into the surrounding tissue
What does Basal Cell Carcinoma look like?
Superficial multicentric;
Pink or red, fine threadlike border, telangiectasia, can scale, no rolled border.
What does Basal Cell Carcinoma look like?
Blue or black, smooth glistening hard, looks like melanoma.
Basal Cell Carcinoma Prognosis;
Does not metastasize
Surgical removal usually successful
Can invade bone & muscle (infrequent)
Squamous Cell Carcinoma in general;
Lesions are small red, conical, hard nodules that may ulcerate & bleed. May arise from actinic keratosis (1 in 100), less likely to metastasize, lesions from lips, oral cavity, tongue & genitalia have a much higher rate of mets.
What does Squamous Cell Carcinoma look like?
Solitary or multiple macules, papules, or plaques. May be scaling or hyperkeratotic.
Look for w/ Basal Cell & Squamous Cell Carcinoma;
Bumps, Patches, Scabbed lesion, Eyelid margins (can be invasive) medial canthus, nose & alar folds (can be invasive), lips behind the ears.
Management for Squamous Cell Carcinoma?
Good follow up, q 3mos w/examination of lymph nodes, palpation of lips to detect hard nodules (re-occurrence of dz)
What is the leading cause of death in skin disease?
Malignant Melanoma