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alopecia areatea
patches of hair loss, frontal or parietal scalp. no redness, no scale, no broken hairs. 95% regrow within 1 yr.
Tuberous sclerosis skin findings, by age
ash-leaf earliest adn most common
adenoma seaceum (angiofibromas), childhood - teens
forehead plaque: coalesced angiofibromas.
shagreen patch: lumbosacral hamartomas
periungual fibroma
Langerhans cell histiocytosis
proliferation of histiocytes in organs. 1/2 have skin manifestation. eczema distribution and appearance but with brown papules, petichiae and erosions
Atopic derm description
erythematous, scaling patches, trunk, extremities, face. Spares flexural area and diaper region.
Psoriasis description
erythematous, scaling plaques and papules, no scarring or atrophy.
seborrheic dermatitis description.
confluent salmon-pink scaling patches, scalp, flexural areas, diaper region
Wiskott-Aldrich S
X linked. frequent infections, bleeding from thrombocytopenia, atopic derm
pityriasis alba
hypopigmented macules resulting from postinflammatory state from atopic derm
Pityriasis rosea
erythematous, oval , thin plaques with long axis along skin lines.
wel defined macules or patches of completely depigmented skin. no scale. perioral, hands and feet.
NF-1 skin findings
cafe au lait spots. learning disabilities, dev delay. iris Lisch nodules. Melanocytic hamartomas that are pathgnomonic for NF-1. axillary freckling and cutaneous neurofibromas around puberty.
trichotillomania hair pattern
single, irregularly shpaed patch of alopecia. no erythema or scale. hairs are of different lengths.
Telogen effluvium
diffuse alopecia, not local. stressful event causes hair follicles to enter dormancy for several months and then drop out. Regrows. This sit he case with birth.
Port wine stain Rx
pulsed dye laser. early treatment is best (<1yr old)
contact derm to plants, dx
vesicles, bullae, erythematous papules in linear distribution
contact derm, Rx
mild: use mid-potency topical steroid: triamcinolone 0.1%. If >10% of BSA use oral prednisone1mg/kg and tapered 25% q3 days
Ichthyosis vulgaris
AD, 3mo-5yrs. thin scale with elevated edges, "pasted on" appearsnce. extensor surfaces of lower extrem
inflammatory form of tinea capitis. Lookos like abscess but with alopecia and no hx of trauma. griseofulvin long term
Staph scalded skin
bullous impetigo is mildest form. Often follows URI, sudden fever, irritability, scarlatiniform (fine papules iwth sandpaper feel), soon wrinkles and blisters occur. crusting around mouth from old lesions.
similar to Staph scalded skin. Usually drug induced. full thickness epidermal necrosis. starts: erythematous macules rapidly form blisters.
Staph and Strep toxic shock dx
similar to fever and macular erythema like scalded skin syndrome, but also with hypotension, myalgia, V, D, renal d.
acrodermatitis enteropathica
persistent perioral, hands, diaper redness. diarrhea, sparse hair, poor weight gain. ar. imparied absorption of Zn. Breast milk hides the disorder. Noticed after weaning.
Kobner (isomorphic phenomenon)
skin lesions appearing over areas of trauma. Characteristic of psoriasis, lichen planus, vitiligo.
Ichthyosis Rx
lactic acid cream.
Pitryriasis Rosea Rx
none, but test RPR because secondary syphilis can look the same. Resolves in 3months
Dyshidrotic eczema
very itchy pruritic deep seated papules, vesicles on palms and soles, sides of feet, fingers.
1-2 day flu-like prodrome fever, sorte throat, malaise, erythema, blistering, ulceration of skin and MUCOUS MEMBRANES. conunctivae, oral, nasal, urethral, vaginal mucosae. starts as hive like.
trigeminal distribution of nevus flammus, PWS. leptomeningeal angiomatosis
transient nenoatal pustular melanosis
pustules without erythema at birth. small hyperpigmented macules with "collarete of scale". PMNs without organism.
Solitary, rapidly enlarging atypical hemangioma which sequesters platelets and fibrinogen causing thrombocytopenia and consumptive coagulopathy.
port wine stain or other vascular malformation on extremitiy associated with overgrowth of that extremitiy.
congenital candidiasis
diffuse scaling and erythema or red papules or pustules at birth. If acquired nataly, could develope days to weeks later. KOH shows pseudohyphae and spores
papular urticaria
recurring crops of pruritic clustered red papules with central punctum. delayed hypersensitivity to stingng or biting insects. Fleas.
hemangioma natural course
8mo of growing. stationary 6-18mo, involute around 18 month of life. 50% gone by 5, 90% gone by 9