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A full thickness laceration extends to?
SQ tissue
Would closure is allowed w/in how many hours?
6. Depending on vascularity, contamination, & status of pt.
How many hours do you have for facial lacerations?
M/c found in plantar puncture wounds
Complications of jt or bone punctures
septic arthritis or ostemyelitis
PE important in puncture wounds?
Tendon, nerve integrity
Which wound has bridging?
Cellulitis is an infection of?
Dermis & SQ fat
Tx of:
Mild cellulitis
PO Cephalexin
IV Cefazolin
PO Clindamycin/TMP-SMX, IV vanco
Erysipelas is an infection of?
epidermis, upper levels of dermis, lymphatics
Tx of erysipelas
1st gen ceph
Common cause of erysipelas
S. pyogenes, MRSA
Milian ear sign
Butterfly pattern over face
Constitutional sx
Oral lesions 1-2d later (erythematous base that ulcerate, painful)
Lesions in mouth, hands, feet
Hand-foot-mouth dz caused by coxackie
URI sx
4 c's(coryza, cough, conjunctivitis, Koplik spots)
rash spreads centrally to peripherally
Nonspecific rash up to 3 days
Forsheimer spots: pinpoint petechiae on the palate
LYMPHADENOPATHY(subocciptial, posterior auricular)
Rubella "german measels"
HIGH fever, followed by rash
Roseola Infantum
Pt presents w/ pruritis, flush, and hives
Anaphylaxis reaction
What is the most important step in an anaphylactic rxn?
Fluid resuscitation in burn victims
2-4 mL/kg/total body surface over the 1st 24 hrs(1/2 in 1st 8h, the rest over 12h)
When you are resuscitating a burn victim, what are some complications?
Pulm edema, acute respiratory distress
What aids in the determination of inhalation injuries?
Bronchoscopy, radionuclide scanning
Tx of inhalation injuries?
Humidified 100% O2, obtain ABG's, endotracheal intubation
What shows the best result in alkali burns?
5% acetic acid
What is the most important prognostic factor in melanoma?
Depth of invasion
M/c METS of melanoma?
Lymph nodes
M/c/c of death d/t melanoma?
METS to the brain
Man presents w/ erythema to the face and a bulbous appearance to his nose. What is the possible diagnosis and what is the name of the feature on his nose?
What is the treatment of Rosacea?
Which is less potent, cream or ointment?
Better for the face!
What is given for passive immunization in tetanus?
Active immunization?
TIG (tetanus immune globulin)
TD (tetanus/diptheria toxoid)