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Describe the lesions of feline solar dermatitis.
-ulceration and crusts
-can progress to squamous cell carcinoma
What are the DDX for feline solar dermatitis?
Squamous cell carcinoma
What does the term actinic mean?
relating to the chemically active rays of the electromagnetic spectrum
Which dogs are predisposed to actinic keratisos?
lightly pigmented dogs
What are the therapies for solar dermatitis in dogs?
-keep out of the sun
-use sunscreens
List some causes of irritant contact dermatitis.
-carpet cleaners
-carpet deodorizers
-flea collars
-acids and alkalis
How would you differentiate between irritant contact dermatitis and allergic contact dermatitis?
-In contact dermatitis, the lesions develop on first exposure to the substance

-In allergic dermatitis, the lesions affect the majority of the exposed animals