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The new name for the Great plans during it's dust bowl storm era?
dust bowl
What year did states from Taxas and Dakota sufferfrom a sever drought?
What was thefro people who moved from place to place looking fro jobs?
migrant workers
waht was the name for farmers who were hit the hardest by the dust storm in
what was the name for the farmers who were hit the hardest by the dust storms in Arkansas?
What is the name of the child actress who starred in many 1930's films?
Shirley Temple.
What was the name of the first full-length animated film?
Snow White and the seven dwarfs
What was the name of the film Written by Judy Garland in 1939?
Wizard of OZ.
What was the name of the movie that showed the civil war in a romantic light?
Gone with the wind.
What did comedians in the 1930's call the radio?
"Furniture that talks".
What was the minimum wage paid per hour?
40 cents
Maximum hours you were suposed to work?
44 hours.
A new deal critic that was a raido priest was called?
Father Coughlin
What act set the minimum wage and maximmum hours?
Fair labor standards act.
What was believed by many people to give unions excessive power?
New Deal.
THe process in which a union representing a group of workers negotiate with managment for an improved contract is?
Collective Bargaining.
What is it called when government spends more than they bring in from income taxes?
Deficit Spending.
Work stoppage in which all workers would stop all production and refuse to work until their demands are met is called?
Sit Down Strike.
What is the name of the act that helped elderly and unemployed people?
Social Security act.
Law that protected workers from unfair managment practice is?
Wagner act.
What disease was FDR struck with?
In 1928 FDR was elected govenor of what state?
New York.
Group of people that helped FDR create plans and programs?
Brain Trust.
Radio speeches given over the radio by FDR?
Fireside chats.
CCC stands for what?
Civilian Conservation Corp.
FERA stands for what?
Federal Emergency Relief Administration.
WPA represents what?
Work Progress Administration
NRA is what?
National Recovery Administartion.
Which act setup the FDIC?
Banking Act of 1933.
One of the most daring programs during the depression?
TVA or Tennesse Valley Administration.
The economic hard times that latsed from 1929 until 1941 are known as?
Great Depression.
Giving help to the needy is called?
Hoover setup _________ to provide jobs to help people earn money?
Public Work Programs.
The _______ _______ Corporation loaned money to banks, railroads,and insurance companies to help keep them in buisness?
Reconstruction Finance.
The shacks where homeless lived were called________?
A sum of money given to World War 1 veterans is called what?
The _____ ____ was a group of veterans who demanded their sum of money from the government?
Bonus Army.
Many people blamed ______ _______ for doing too little to help.
President Herbert Hoover.
The newspapers that the homeless covered themselves with to keep them warm were called_______ _______?
Hoover Blankets.
An empty pocket turned inside out was called_____ _____?
Hoover Flag.