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What are the Causes of the Great Depression?
-overproduction of factories and farms
-uneven distribution of wealth
-americans over extended their credit
-decrease in international trade
-bank failure helped intensify the depression
-financial problems/american business began to spend less money


reconstruction finance agency

bonus army
spends more money on public works program than any other president

public works program-programs that the government paid the workers to build something to benifit the public
ex: roads, schools etc.

reconstruction finance agency- a government lending agency
-designed to loan money to big businesses(not the way to attack depression)

Bonus Army-WWI veterans march into washington and wants to get the money that they were told they would get
Franklin D. Roosevelt

New Deal
three R's of Roosevelt

Agricultural Adjustment Administration
-subsidizes the farmers

National Recovery Administration
-a gov. agency that asked every business to voluntarily join the administration
-minimum wage
-maximum work hours
-no child labor
-collective bargaining-let workers join labor unions

National Labor Relations Administration and Fair Labor Standards Act
-legalized the four rules

Tennessee Valley Authority
-built dams

Rural Electrification Agenct
-tried to provide electricity to those who dont have it

the two purposes was to:
-generate electricity
-give people more jobs

Roosevelt creates many public works programs and also tax policy and social security

Social Security
-a plan that would provide a payment of money to older retired people
-expands and includes handicapped disable
-taxes the wealthy more

Securities and Exchange Commission
-began to regulate the stock market
-cant buy on the margin
-either loan money or sell stocks

Federal Housing Agency
-lend money to people who needed to buy a house
Federal Communications Comission
regulates the airwaves for radios
"share the Wealth"
came up with a plan called "share the wealth"
-thinks that rich people should only be able to make so much money and after a certain point, the gov. takes money away from you and give it to the poor
Growth of Labor Unions
American Federation of Labor
-only took in skilled workers

Committee for industrial organization
-led by Lewis, organized unskilled workers

-Labor leader that helps to organize the automobile industry

Civilian Conservation Core
-public works program gave jobs for publics
Deficit Spending
an economic idea by George Keynes

-U.S. government would develope the idea of spending more than they bring in
Outcomes of the New Deal
1. Created big government
2.Modern welfare system
3.people thought the government was on its way to becoming a socialist government
Positives of Roosevelt

who benifited from the New Deal
1. restore people's faith in gov.
2. protects america's farms
3.protect the elderly and the disabled
4.protects america's homes
2.union workers