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barrier island
Long, thin, low offshore islands of sediment that generally run parallel to the shore along some coasts
a low,long,narrow, streamline oval mound of unsorted sediment that is formed at the bottom of glaciers, usually continental ones.
the release of sediments from an erosional system (sedimentation)
kettle lake
a lake formed when a large block of ice buried in glacial sediments melts, leaving an oval depression which becomes filled with water, very common in N.Y. state
a mound,ridge or sheet of unsorted, unaltered sediment deposited in the middle and along the sides of a glacier
outwash plain
the landform feature composed of sorted and layered sediments deposited in front of a glacier by running water from melting ice.
sand dune
a pile, hill or mound of sand deposited by wind on a land surface.
sorted sediments
a deposit of sediments that are similar in size (or shape, or density)
unsorted sediments
a deposit of sediments that are mixed in size (shape or density)