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Under MOPP level-1, which of the following items will provide chemical protection?
D. All of the above
Who is responsible for conducting daily inspections of division spaces for the elimination of fire hazards?
Duty damage control petty officers (DCPOs) normally serve for a total of how many months?
B. 6 months
Which of the following naval activities can be placed under the command of operating forces?
D. Each of the above
When first established, the Navy operated under what governmental department?
A. War
What THREATCON must be capable of being maintained for weeks without causing undue hardship?
It is the policy of what agency to protect its personnel, their dependents, facilities, and equipment from terrorist acts?
A disgruntled employee seeking to perform an act of sabotage or otherwise destroy government property would be under what terrorist threat type?
What type of counseling session should you use when an individual is not performing at a level consistent with unit or command standards?
Special warfare combat swimmers would most likely be found serving in which of the following units?
What military official exercises command of the Shore Establishment?
The Chief of Naval Operations
The Navy's enlisted performance evaluation system is designed to fairly and equitably evaluate an individual's worth to the Navy. For which of the following purposes is the performance evaluation used?
* To determine an individual's eligibility for reenlistment or honorable discharge
* To determine an individual's qualifications for the Navy's special duty programs
* To select personnel for advancement
Which of the following points should be considered by personnel who conduct safety inspections?
* They should keep an open mind at all times
* They should know what to look for
* They should use a checklist during inspections
Which of the following leadership actions demonstrate(s) self-control?
* Controlling anger
* Remaining calm in potentially explosive situations
Which of the following items can be used for protection from chemical warfare (CW) agents?
Masks, Clothing and Nerve agent antidotes
When you appoint someone in a work group to be in charge of an assigned task, you are exercising which of the following leadership competencies (skills)?
Delegating authority
The Selective Reenlistment Bonus (SRB) program is designed to achieve which of the following goals?
To reenlist sailors in ratings that are undermanned
When is the watertight integrity of a naval ship established?
When the ship is built
You may encounter which of the following disadvantages when buying on credit?
Overbuying, Paying higher credit prices as compared to cash prices and Paying interest charges
A worker should wear double hearing protection when working around noise sources above what prescribed sound level?
104 dB