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Bone is composed of the following elements?
organic and inorganic
The inner spongy , pourus portion of a bone is reffered to as what type of bone?
cancellous bone
Thin layered connective tissure that surrounds each bone and provides nourishment through many vasscular vessels is refered to as what type of bone?
the cranium is formed by how many cranial bones?
These bone is shpaed like a wing?
These bones have 4 borders and is shaped like a curved plate?
This small bone has openings through which nerves are passed to the roof of the mouth?
This bone has a large opening called the foramen Magnum
By the time a child reaches 5 or 6 , this bone has fused together?
The internal ear structures are enclosed by these bone?
Facial Skeleton is made up of how many stationary bones and the mandible?
These bones form the cheek bone, and help for the sides and the floor of the orbital?
Smallest and most fragile of the cranial bones?
The only movable bone in the skull
the bones are somewhat L shaped?
Small Oblong Bones, somewhat retangular in shape?
Nasal Bones
Connects with the ethmoid bone and together they form the nasal septim?
Vomer Bone
The Process that is located posterior on the ramus and forms the head of the mandible is known by which of the folowing terms?
Condyloid Process
A dentist will use anesthetics to block nerve impulses of the mandibular teeth in which of the following areas?
Madibular Foramen
what process helps life the mandible to close the mouth?
Coronoid Process
How many small bones are located in each middle ear?
What oval depression in the temporal bone articulates with the mandibular condyle?
Glenoid Fossa
When your are smiling, what muscle raises the corner of the mouth?
Zygomaticus Major
How many pairs of muscles in the mandible make chewing movements possible?
The moist innerlining of the side walls of the mouth is known by which of the following terms?
In what area of the external lip does the red mucous membrane end and the normal outside of the skin begin?
Vemilion Border
What are the rough projections on the surface of the tongue called?
Where are the taste buds located?
Tongue and Roof
What muscles elevate the tongue and depress the mandible?
Mylohyoid Muscles
What is the name of irregular ridges or folds that are located behind the central incisors?
How many pints of saliva glands produce on a daily basis?
How many phases is deglutition dividend into?
When teeth are in the odontogenesis phase, every tooth goes through how many developmental process?
Dental Development usually begins in which of the following weeks of prenatal life?
5-6 week
How man tooth buds are present in a prenatal maxillary and mandibular arch?
What is the name of the last period of tooth growth?
bell stage or histodifferentiation
How many years does it take permanent teeth to emerge after crown completion?
3 years
When primary teeth get ready to fall out and make way for the eruption of permanent teeth, what is the name of this process?
exfoilating or shedding
The part of the crown that is visible in the mouth is know by which of the following terms?
clinical crown
What is the name of the region where the roots seperate?
The tip of each root is known by which of the following terms?
When there is a slight indentation that encircles the tooth and marks the junction of the crown with the root, it is known by which of the following terms?
Enamel is formed by what type of epithelial ceils?
What is the name of the junction where the cementum joins the enamel?
cementoenamel junction (CEJ)
what is chief function of pulp?
provides sensation to tooth
what is the name of the process when the bony portion of the maxillia and mandible teeth are embedded?
alveolar process
When viewed by radiograph, trabecular bone will have what type of an apperance?
A tooth is suspended in its socket by what ligament?
periodontal ligament
The oral muscosa consists of how many total types of muscosa?
the hard palate is coverd by what type of muscosa?
masticatory muscosa
what is the name of the term that is given to the portion of gingiva that extends from the ginigival crest to the crest of the bone?
unattached gingiva
what is the first to show symptoms of gingivitis?
gingival margin
what are helps prevent food from packing between the teeth?
interdental papilla
what type of tissue is found on the inside of the lips, cheeks, vestibule, soft palate, and under the tongue?
lining muscosa
which of the following reasons is/are teeth formed?
Cutting Tearing Grinding
what type of shape does the lingual surface of an incisor have?
cuspids are designed to perform what type of function?
each molar has a maxium number of cusps?
how many dental quadrants in the month
4 (2 per Arch)