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Which of the following Training Manuals includes the basic organizational shipboard elements?
Basic Military Requirements
Which is a Function of a Dental Technician?
Assist Naval Dental Officers
How many corps is the Med dept made of.
What personel is responisible
for ensuring personal and material readiness of shore activities as assigned by the cno?
Chief of Bumed
Who is the spokesperson for all dental professional matters.
Chief of Dental Corps
which of the following people is responsible for matters involving enlisted personnel assigned to navy medicine?
director of medical department enlisted personnel
who is the principle enlisted advisor to the chief of BUMED?
BUMED Force Master Chief
NDC's can be divided into how many different types based on size and functions?
which person at an NDC is responible for the professional care and services provided to patients?
At an NDC, who is the CO senior enlisted Advisor for all matters relating to enlisted policy?
Comand Master Chief