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What year did dentistry begin
3000 BC
Who began using gold bands in 2500 BC
Who carved partial dentures which were held in place using these gold wires in 700 BC
In 600 AD who used sea shell segments as dental implants
Who is Pierre Fauchard and for what contribution is he best known
The father of modern dentistry who in 1728 wrote a treatise on restorations and dental materials
Who used wax to create impressions of the teeth (the first positive impression) and then created a plaster model and in what year did it take place
Pfaff in 1756
In 1774 and 1789 they began using porcelain teeth in detures
Duchateau and de Chamant
Taveau is known for creating the first __________ in 1816
Dental amalgam using silver coins and mercury to create the fillings
In 1895 he had an extensive publication detailing every dental material ever used
GV Black, the father of American Dentistry
1915- the first observation of fluoridation was seen in what state
What year did the National Institute of Standards and Technology give the first specifications for a dental material (amalgam)
In what year did the fluoridation of water begin
The Medical device amendments acts which gave the FDA regulation over dental materials was passed in...