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what is anterior guidance
the anterior tooth contacts that provide guidance of mandible, dictated by position and relationship of ant teeth
Protrusive mandibular movement
forward direction
Lateral mandibular movement
left, right direction
canine guidance
only opposing canines touch during lateral movement
canines function
suited to contact and dissibpate horizontal forces while disoccluding the posterior teeth
characteristics of canines
long large roots
surrounded by dense bone
fewer muscles activated during extrusive contact
numbers of 4 canines
6,11, 22, 27
general info of Max canines
-longest of perm teeth
-cornerstones of the arches
-cuspids, eyeteeth, fangs
-good for prostetic support
-occupy the corner of arches
-transition tooth
Function with incisors to
-support the lip and facial muscles
-cut, pierce, or shear food muscles
-guide occlusion
-good anchors due toe size and length of roots.