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high grade glioma drug
secondary trigeminal neuraligia caused by
5 things we know about migrane
1) migrane caused by neuronal excitaiton/ depression spreading slowly across brain from occipital --> fwd
2) throbbing pain caused by sterile trigeminal neuralgia from neuropeptide release
3) allodynia due to central sensitization
4) brainstem generator present
5) genetic: familial hemiplegic hyperexcitability. FHM1 from Ca chan causing increased ec glutamate in cortex
active demyelination in MS associated with
breakdown of blood brain barrier
marburg's MS
agressive MS. severe axonal loss. rapid disability and death.
neuromyelitis optica
acute or recurrent transverse myelitis with simultaneous optic neuritis
neuromyelitis optica cells involved
macrophage infiltration. grey & white matter degeneration
adrenoleukodystrophy accumulaton of
very long chain fatty acids
metachromatic leukodystrophy pathophys
arylsulfatase mutation. accumulation of galactosylsulfatase (myelin component).
GS accumulates in many cells, path only in CNS/PNS
globoid cell leukodystrophy pathophys
galactocerebrosidase deficience, therefore accumulation of
1)galactocerebroside in microglia & macs
2) psychosine in oligodendrocytes
chromosome 14
who gets metachromatic leukodystrophy
kids, not adults
globoid cell leukodystrophy sympt
violent tonic spasms to noises and bright lights